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Generic: Lincomycin

Generic Lincocin

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Active ingredient: Lincomycin

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Package: 500 mg

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Lincomycin prescribed for: Lincomycin is an antibacterial medication that is available under the brand name Lincocin. It is a strong antibiotic used mostly in serious infections. The strength of Lincomycin can also make very severe side effects. That is why patients who are under this medication are closely monitored by a medical professional. Lincomycin is prescribed to those who have had serious, sometimes fatal bacterial infections. This medication is strong and it can deal with a wide spectrum of bacteria. Due to its known adverse effects, however, Lincomycin is rarely used nowadays. It is only mostly prescribed to patients who are allergic to Penicillin. Also, Lincomycin is often the resort of physicians when their patient's bacteria developed resistance from another antibiotic they are using.