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7 ways to reduce the devastating impact of alcohol on your diet

Over the years, the majority of people notices that the Friday party, accompanied by the excessive consumption of alcohol and overeating, completely nullify attempts to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a result, to lose weight does not work. Do you know it?

This is confirmed by the study conducted in the UK, which revealed that in the evening at the weekend about 40% of women get about 1000 calories from the alcohol. In addition, more than half of respondents say that by drinking, they are experiencing severe famine, and 4 of 5 noted that alcohol undermines their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As a result, on the table are dishes such as burgers, pizza, chips.

Eat before drinking

If you drink on an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed much faster and, as a result, you will be stuffed within minutes. However, if before you drink, you eat something rich in protein and vegetable fat (both of these elements are digested for very long), you will significantly slow the absorption of alcohol. Therefore, to avoid intoxication, eat something like a handful of nuts or an avocado or some vegetables before you drink the first glass.

Score drinking alcohol

Do not forget that one bottle of light beer, a glass of white wine and one stack of liquor contain about the same amount of alcohol and about 100 calories. Moreover, restaurants often serve drinks in non-standard portions. According to a study conducted a few weeks ago, it was discovered that now beer and wine contains a higher percentage of alcohol, therefore, ordering them, you could get about 50% more alcohol than expected. Besides, if for example, you order a pint (568 ml), then drink a little more than the standard of 0.5. Also in the bars is often blended drinks, which makes difficult the calculation of alcohol. Conclusion: do not overestimate your capabilities, otherwise you can get drunk much stronger than expected, and consume more calories than planned.

Put your alcohol on a diet!

If you like to drink beer, you can choose the diet variant of this drink. Buy beer with a low carb diet (3-4 grams). A regular beer contains about 10 grams of carbohydrates. Cocktails contain more calories and carbohydrates. Just half a Cup of sweet shake contains about 25 grams of carbs, and some drinks contain about 500 calories more than a piece of chocolate cake.

Slow down absorption of alcohol

One of the biggest mistakes in the use of alcohol is speed. A hurry and in a result get drunk very quickly. To slow down the process of intoxication, alternate every drink with a glass of water. Drink at least 300 ml of water for every cocktail. This simple technique will allow you to reduce the amount of absorbed alcohol twice.

Avoid small snacks

If you are in a bar, where the snacks, serves a variety of snacks like popcorn and nuts, get them away from yourself. The study showed that the majority of people begin to mindlessly grab whatever comes to hand, even without experiencing hunger. If snacks will not fall out of your eye, you are likely to them and not touching.

Pre-plan your meals after drinking

Alcohol, of course, strongly stimulates the appetite. We also know that it dulls the receptors. Therefore, if you do not want to start eating everything, especially those foods that you would never touch sober, think in advance that I should be eating. Take an energy bar from natural products, then to not eat that extra piece of pizza. Alternatively, make a note of the restaurants near the places where you walk with your friends. When you want to eat, suggest a place to eat tasty and healthy. In addition, it would be nice to leave the house prepared snacks like fruits, vegetables, and put them in a prominent place. If you can overcome the hunger before bed, you will take what is in sight, and not climb up to look for cookies on the shelves.

Invite friends' driver services!

The best way not to give alcohol to ruin my diet not drinking at all. The point is to get behind the wheel, to bring their friends and not to drink alcohol. It might not be as fun but the next day you will not suffer from a hangover and empty the fridge, which is very good!

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