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Adaptogens or medicine for healthy people

Try to conduct a simple experiment. Pick up any text. Within one minute find, for example, a combination of letters "ae". Count the number passed from the beginning of a sheet of letters (on average, you'll get from 400 to 600) and the number of errors. Then take 20 drops of tincture of ginseng, and after 1 hour, repeat the experiment, of course with another text. You probably will be surprised. Your results will improve on average a factor of 2.

Please meet: adaptogens

Adaptogens is a matter of vegetable or animal origin, which is both tonic and stimulating. There are of more than five dozen. The most famous - it's ginseng, Siberian ginseng, golden root, lemongrass, cola, black coffee, pollen, Pantocrinum, royal jelly.

How are adaptogens, scientists still do not know exactly. It is known that they somehow affect the biosynthesis of DNA, proteins and stimulates metabolism. It is curious that almost all plant adaptogens contain substances that are very reminiscent in structure to sex hormones. Probably the main way of action of adaptogens on the body - it's impact on CNS and through it - in cells, tissues and organs.

What can they?

Even the name is understood that adaptogens facilitate adaptation of an organism to a variety of adverse conditions: exercise, heat, cold, thirst, hunger, stress, hypoxia, poisons and radiation. More adaptogens are able to prevent many diseases and to facilitate their flow. But this does not mean that they need to take time. They are necessary only in situations where a person faces a real risk of ill. For example, during the cold season or during epidemics of influenza.

After receiving ginseng eleutherococcus or errors in the text of typists is reduced by half. In one of the athletes, cyclists, taking Siberian ginseng for 12 days, the top 6 places from 10. Adaptogens help everybody, but they were especially useful for older people. Not without reason they are called drugs, prolongs youth. They enhance the action of drugs used to treat cardiovascular diseases, anemia, diabetes mellitus.

Adaptogens improve sleep and mood. With fatigue and heavy physical exertion they 1,5-2 times increase efficiency. Effect occurs rapidly - within the first hour after ingestion and lasts for several hours. But adaptogens - not doping. Doping causes the body to work "to wear" without rest. The action of adaptogens is much softer and more natural. They provide an additional influx of energy due to the mobilization of the body, not forcing him to work in a "forced" mode.

How can they take?

Though adaptogens and safe - even repeatedly exceeded the therapeutic dosage does not cause severe consequences, some precautions to observe it is worth. Take their best not more than once a day and preferably in the morning. It is also known that small doses of adaptogens are directly opposed to high dosages. Human response to each adaptogen specific individual, therefore, recommended dosages are rather conventional. For example, one drop of eleutherococcus may cause "mad" activities, while another will not work and a tablespoon of the drug.

Adaptogens can not be used for increased nervous excitability, hypertension, myocardial infarction, acute infectious diseases, fever. In hot weather, should be particularly careful: adaptogens increase the body temperature. Children under 16 years of adaptogens should appoint only a doctor, because they accelerate puberty. The most powerful adaptogens are Leuzea, eleutherococcus and ginseng, followed closely followed Lemongrass & apaliya.

Ginseng + grape juice

Studies have shown that such a mixture has a truly miraculous properties. It helps to treat memory loss, regulate blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease, relieve pain, especially arthritis. You can prepare your own mixture. To do this you need to buy ginseng root, chop it and mix one tablespoon of gruel with two tablespoons of grape juice. Taken in the morning to 20-40 drops once a day.

Who adaptogens especially needed?

  • Actively working people.
  • Operators of PC.
  • People of all ages during the outbreak.
  • Impaired people.
  • If you change time zones, long journeys and flights.
  • During the holidays, for a better recovery.
  • Athletes to improve performance and accelerate recovery.
  • Elderly to prevent memory loss and maintain their health

The best-known adaptogens

Ginseng. Stimulates tissue respiration, endocrine and nervous system, increases the gas exchange, the amplitude of heart contractions, increases resistance to radiation. It is used for physical and mental fatigue after a long illness, with low blood pressure, neurasthenia, decrease in symptoms of depression, and abundant night sweats, anemia, diabetes, impotence. Oriental medicine says that ginseng drugs prolong life and youth. They are most effective in the fall and winter. In spring and summer of action "root of life" is weakened.

Eleutherococcus. In action reminiscent of ginseng. But unlike ginseng Siberian ginseng is effective in all seasons.

Rhodiola rosea (golden root). It is used for neurasthenia, fatigue, vascular dystonia, impotence, low blood pressure. As a stimulant it is stronger than ginseng, Eleutherococcus, levzei.

Aralia Manchu. Increases appetite, efficiency, resistance to infection, reduces fatigue, improves metabolic processes. Used in dentistry, dermatology (eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis).

Pantocrinum. Normalizes the function of heart muscles, increases blood pressure, relieves fatigue.

Mummy. Increases the number of red blood cells - red cells, activates metabolism, kills germs, helps heal wounds, increases the body's defenses, accelerate fracture healing.

Dibazol. Increases resistance to adverse environmental factors, infectious diseases.

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