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Age related changes in respiratory

Old people have osteochondrosis of chest department of a backbone, reduction of mobility of reberno-vertebral connections, impregnation salts of costal cartilages. Because of is degenerate-dystrophic changes of a kostno-muscular skeleton mobility of a thorax which gets the barrel-like form that influences pulmonary ventilation is broken.

Change and aeriferous ways. Walls of bronchial tubes become impregnated with salts and lymphoid elements, in their gleam slime accumulates desquamated epithelium. As a result of it the gleam of bronchial tubes is narrowed, at a breath through them passes considerably smaller quantity of air. Owing to frequent colds and pressure of walls of bronchial tubes at cough in some sites of a bronchial tree there are swellings and occurs protrusion walls of bronchial tubes.

After 60-70 years at people the atrophy epithelium bronchial tubes develops, bronchial glands work worse, decreases peristalsis bronchial tubes, tussive the reflex is considerably lowered.

The pulmonary fabric too undergoes changes. Gradually it loses elasticity that also affects respiratory capacity of lungs. Partially it speaks increase in residual volume of air which is not participating in respiratory process.

Gas exchange infringement in lungs conducts to that the organism ceases to cope with physical activities, conditions of the rarefied atmosphere — appears the short wind which is the adaptive mechanism at elderly and old people which is imperfect since all organism already has undergone certain age changes and the balance of work of all bodies and systems is broken.

Insufficient saturation of arterial blood by oxygen, infringement of ventilation and blood-groove of lungs, and also decrease in vital capacity of lungs conduct to that the current of diseases of lungs at older persons and old men is always heavier, than at persons young and middle age.

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