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Allergy from different viewpoints

Allergy is the capital of the overestimated sensitivity of an organism, in relation to defined to a matter or the materials (allergens), developing at repeated influence of these materials. Physiological the allergy adaptation consists in education in an organism of antibodies that leads to decrease or a raising of its sensitivity. The allergy represents mighty discontent of slippery covers, skin rashes, uniform disease. The allergy to roll in basis of perfection similar difficult an infirmity, as a bronchial asthma. On the bases of occurrence of an allergy and to means of rescue from it there are many looks with which we and offer you will get acquainted.

Immunity bug

Immune reception solves problems barriers of an organism from prestige seeming environments and from occurrence in an organism of alien materials and cages (in that quantity cancer). A design immune the reservation it is strongly sophisticated. It contains development of the antibodies which are "defenders" of an organism. The problem of antibodies – to neutralize the materials which have intruded in an organism (so-called "antigenes"). Theoretically any immune the answer should be successful. But time immune the doctrine as though "exceeds own powers" and "the administration loses". At given it starts to react to completely harmless matters as on is admissible the menacing. Such loss of managing also leads to start-up of destructive answers (allergic illnesses).

Allergic ills appear answers (too healthy responses) organism in result on influence of the reasons of tinsel conditions which are perceived by it as possibly menacing (even if at the enterprise they don't appear such).

Again the enterprise in those conditions when immunity takes up arms against the organism is worse is. In this accidents are exposed to eradication the cages or organism proteins. At the given sores evolve, to get the title of the autoimmune. The sweet diabetes of 1 grade concerns their size, disseminated a sclerosis and many excellent difficult ill.

Sincere term

Psychologists to ratify that there are no illnesses which wouldn't be connected with this or that closed by difficulty of creation. If to talk about an allergy is permitted to notice that immune the doctrine the close it is connected with disturbing and endocrine. They function in common, translating I think in physiological responses.

And allergic responses are connected with a sincere arrangement. Psychologists to murmur that the allergy is similar causeless alarm. In a rule immunity should attack exclusively foes of an organism – for example, viruses and bacteria. But when the service of an immune subsystem is broken, it starts as sharply to react and to absolutely harmless materials for an organism – pollen of grasses, fur creatures, food products, handicraft a dust. It is possible that immune the way of the allergic person is afraid of what it is not necessary to quail at all.

To be fastened erroneous service of the immune can build for any stress. And this not the unfounded statement. Transatlantic psychologists have proved, if the following mother during a pregnancy season stays in the capital fears and a temperamental overstrain, with an admissibility of 80 % is permitted to utter that will make the child the allergic person. At mature age the allergy often represents answers to stress in quality. That is psycho-emotional adaptations often start histamine the responses leading to bugs in processing of an immune subsystem.

Having made a bug one at the same time, the immune theory will be and to result further in work native protective a design. That is at any to a convergence with allergen at creation start to be scratched and tear eyes, the cold and tickle in a drink is.

Ecology given we

The technics is improved, existence contracts improve, and the sum of the crowds suffering from “culture illnesses” isn't reduced. The allergy and that last its hint gets into quantity of the given illnesses, as a bronchial asthma.

Unknown doctors connect baggy transfer of the present illness to deterioration of ecology with dust content size, both on small streets of visible small towns, and in inhabited.

In spite of the fact that the harvest technics is improved, studying appear that the strong vacuum cleaner, exhausting a dust from corners and gobelins, can't supply its perfect keeping. 1-5 % fine a dust come back on environment. This dust especially menacing for health of an individual as includes excrements and particles of fleshes web mites, existing in the placings. This dust settles is very sluggish and there are in the environment of apartment on degree almost 50-90 sm from a flooring as it is amicable in that to a site where we sleeping where stay and finish tiny children. So a knocking-out of gobelins on parkway – more the big type of cleaning on an identification with application of vacuum cleaners.

It is counted already up that the average tenant small towns for days inhales 1-2 table spoons of a dust which remains in air irrevocably. And together with it in an organism there are also the unhealthy materials which have settled in a dust.

And never something doesn't suffice me

Again one view on occurrence grandiose the sums of allergic responses – insufficient receipt in an organism of positive nutritious materials. The organism – large biochemical laboratory to which needs receipt of original any nutritious materials. Deficiency, on last to a criterion, at least one of them can lead to perfection of allergic answers. In properties the present concerns vitamins and parts.

Vitamin A (beta carotin) – exclusively considerable vitamin for the immune theory, providing an establishment of immune cages pavement respiratory courses and the gastroenteric path, serving natural a barrier on roads of penetration of an infection. Strengthening immunity, it aloud raises stability to infectious diseases, in that to size to quinsy, colds, a flu and a bronchitis. According to studying the vitamin A use helps even at difficult allergic answers. And inspections have represented that any of vegetative or creatures of products can't separately fill shortage of vitamin A, because its additional means isn't freely desirable, and is rather compelled.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) – inspections show that at a solid dose electorates security doesn't answer with the present vitamin to a rule. And after all it makes active the enzymes promoting increase immune barriers of an organism, participates in procedures of creation of antibodies.

Vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate, pantothenic acid) – raises resistibility of an organism to inflammatory indispositions. It renders anti-inflammatory work at autoimmune procedures. It use at skin allergic hints, frequently in an assortment of creams or ointments for a sensitive skin.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – original familiar and studied environmental protector. Activity of this vitamin represents in whole an organism. Given an antioxidant strengthening act of other antioxidants, in a detail, vitamin E. Promotes destruction or neutralization of direct radicals. Inspections have proved that the people accepting current vitamin exist longer, than those who checks deficiency of current vitamin.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) – has shaking antioxidant qualities, provides a barrier from easy radicals, helps an organism to acquire vitamin A, and improves my globulin. Deficiency of current vitamin can provoke the basis of autoimmune sores ("allergy" against proteins of the organism). The use of preparations of vitamin E advise at non-observance of immune mission, at a food allergy. At children with a bronchial asthma in time an attack the plot of vitamins E, And and With in blood decreases, and the vitamin E use leads to normalization of indicators of immunity.

Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) – at deficiency of the present vitamin decreases resistibility of an organism to infections, improvement eczema is observed. Without that, it is proved that nicotinamide equivalent constrains evolve a sweet diabetes of 1 grade on degree autoimmune responses.

How to contemplate – an allergy can arise on the original inconsistent bases. Certainly, allergy treatment having your the physician, however mastering of occasions of occurrence flowing sores, can help and in its treatment.