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Baldness or alopecia is probably the most widespread phenomenon on our planet. Every third man in the world is suffering hair loss. This is already accustomed to and are treated as proper. But few know that the fair sex, the problem is not avoided. According to statistics, every tenth woman feels the hair loss for the same reason. Just for the ladies, this process occurs somewhat differently. This is due to hormonal level. But, nevertheless, the fact remains. It is worth hormones change, at the same moment begins the hair loss. Women have been tricky. They wore wigs made perm, changed hairstyle. In general, figured out how to take care of themselves. However, there is a more serious type of hair loss. This alopecia (alopecia), total, diffuse and mechanical alopecia.

  1. Androgenetic alopecia affects the top of the head and sometimes the occipital area.
  2. Patchy and the total loss of hair is the same, just at different stages of development and it is subject to all head and sometimes body hair.
  3. Diffuse alopecia, when the hair falls evenly throughout the head.
  4. Mechanical alopecia is caused by trauma or excessive tension of long hair.

Let's leave physicians question why this is happening and how to fight it. Let thoughtfully scratching their heads and organize conferences. But it is certain that the drugs for a full and unconditional victory over hair loss, has not yet been invented, although there are a large number of drugs promising a magical cure.

Want to talk here about anything. What we really want to return. Hair or a luxurious head of hair? This is not the same thing. Nullus simile est idem! (This is not the same). Hair may be small, they can be thin, pale, fragile, and all others. Hair is always a lot of beautiful, attractive. You can spend years and millions on it to grow on her head a certain amount or stop hair loss and still remain dissatisfied. You can make a transplant (transplant) and not get thick hair in front and a large scar behind. You can buy a wig and sweat it in the heat, fear sharp movements, indulge in swimming, sports, and yet in many ways and live for him. Can be everything. But should I?

Naturally, as "there is nothing like leather, I'm going to praise the system. Hair does not carry any load (if hair loss is not a signal of internal disturbances in the body) and we need only the aesthetic side. And when you consider all the above listed, then the conclusion is one. We need a good head of hair, not then, not ever, but now. While we are active, have the desire and ability to live a full life!

And then there is a problem. Yes, not one! In Russia people polls and firmly believe in magic "pill", which drank it and immediately it went. If it existed, I would have changed the profession. You can argue that it is very expensive and rare coin! Do you really think that people who have millions, do not want to part with some of their money, that would restore my hair? "Tablets" from hair loss just does not exist!

The second problem. System is expensive. Yes, it's not a cheap procedure, but also record how you spend money to stop hair loss, as your nerves, how much stress you are experiencing because of the failures. Multiply this on your time. I am afraid that the result will be disappointing. In fact, the system is not so expensive. If the count for the year (this is the average lifetime without repair), and the cost is $ 1200 (this is the maximum value of the system), then your rate will be $ 100 a month. Now the question. How much do you spend on treatment of alopecia?

Here's another one, in my opinion, an interesting theory of balding. Although so much has been said, studied and written about. Alopecia occurred immediately after a man got out of the four limbs in two ... and actually became a man. The top is the upper part of head, heart, blood you hit so high is not easy. And with the blood and useful nutrients. And as a result of alopecia.

I often hear stories about grandfathers and grandmothers, they say, they have now, and it was passed to me. Trust me on word that they once cursed and blamed their ancestors and those of his. And so on from generation to generation, baldness is rooted in the distant past. So who's to blame? Grandma? Grandpa? Or a Neanderthal? Do not guess any of that. In alopecia blame gravity!

By the way in varicose veins, too! According to the law of attraction, all subjects tend to the earth. And the blood inside of us, too. As I said earlier, nutritional deficiencies of hair follicles causes hair loss. Certainly legitimate to question why not all? No one knows the answer. But we can assume that when you, at the dawn of humanity, alopecia, a rare phenomenon. And we now face is with a genetic change that relationship to gravity no longer holds. An example of this growth in a generation. In the Kremlin Diamond Fund "Are maille Russian vigilantes, who were considered heroes (forward seven feet at the shoulders) This armor is now suitable for the size, unless the student 6 - 7 class. And passed some 300 years. What can we say about the Stone Age.

One of my friend the physicist, said that the unit will come up, within which will create a magnetic field annihilates the attraction of the earth. And then everyone will be able to re-grow a hair. And everything is good, so only he had not thought of, but probably did not know that the device will be worn on the head with a few thousand years...

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