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And even a pill and that half

Can I open the capsule and measure liquid medications usually with a spoon? Many do so without hesitation, as a result of not receiving proper medical effect.


Crush tablets in half can only be a special groove. If the two grooves - a Phillips screwdriver, then, can be divided into quarters. In other cases require special medications with multiple doses.

Why is this so?

First, it is almost impossible to mix a lot, from which the molded tablets, until smooth and make a half turned out to be exactly 50% of the necessary ingredients. Studies have shown that this percentage varies from 20 to 80. And the scatter dose is higher, the more components in the preparation. Secondly, in a tablet, but the main active ingredient, is also supporting the mass added is not in proportion 1: 1. And by dividing them earn less than is required for proper "work" of drugs.

IMPORTANT! Never replace the "baby" dose halved or quartered "adult". It is fraught with overdose, especially in young children.

Breaking of online tablets, including coated with a special envelope (wafers) is the one of the most common "sins". To admit almost 11% of our visitors to our site.

Spoon for mom!

Wrong turn and suspensions. The instructions on the bottle and did not just write in big letters "Shake before use!". If the bottle is long, insoluble particles settle to the bottom, respectively, the concentration of the active substance is unevenly distributed.

And how measure off liquid dosage forms is a single song with the refrain, and the two encore. Most housewives are confident that a teaspoon - 5 ml, dessert - 10 ml, and the dining room - 15 ml.

Firstly, there are tablespoons, and 20 ml, and tea - at 7.5 ml. Secondly, even a standard spoon, not all filled exactly to the brim. U.S. scientists conducted a study and found that when using spoons medium-sized patients receive the drug at 8.4% less, and measuring out the medicine large spoon - by 11,6% more.

IMPORTANT! Use cutlery, only if the drug is not included special gauge tank - cap or spoon.

Many people are afraid to swallow the capsule, pour the contents into a spoon and in this form are inside than negate the whole point of taking this medication. Indeed, in acid-shell contents were hidden for a reason - it should work only in the intestine, where the environment is alkaline.

"Powder" rules

If you have to measure out powder, helps keep the correct dosage of this method: type the spoon "with a slide, and then spend a table-knife along the edges. The result is a perfect dose. Worse with herbs. For example, in the instructions to St. John's wort contain: 10 grams (1 tbsp. L.) Shredded raw materials. The instruction to a series of: 10 g (2 tbsp. L.) Herbs. The instructions to the linden flower: 10 g (2,5 Tablesp..). It turns out the same 10 grams can be so different!

IMPORTANT! Remember that the "spoon" - a measure of volume, not weight. If you often have to deal with loose medicine, buy pharmaceutical scales. And then just stop with the wrong dosage.

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