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Annoying heartburn

To thicket whole the heartburn arises because of problems with bottom sphincter a gullet is a ring inclined between by a stomach and a gullet. In a close average arrangement sphincter it is closely compressed. It opens hardly in a case laying foods from a gullet in a stomach, and a trace anew to lock "collars". But there can be "breakage" of the given amazing adaptation. Under different factors (the genetic propensity, the transferred illnesses) sphincter ceases to be closed closely, and stomach contents get to a gullet. Together with the semidigested products bile and hydrochloric acid gets to a gullet. Caustic materials to irritate slippery a gullet, and the heartburn begins.

This repeatedly arises at the servant, which to roll (especially on left a board) or does, furiously bending at first (during time of washing, washing of a flooring, service, on melon field). Hour the person needs to be inclined to stick laces on boots as in a mouth immediately there are rough impressions.

To pangs to "repair" sphincter the today's medicine is incapable. With such difficulty separately to help the people antacids (antacid) physiotherapy, preparations which stimulate to the stomach engine, and dietary meal. Infirm it is necessary to avoid products which stimulate a relaxation sphincter: coffee, an onions, garlic, tomatoes in any guise (both new, and marinaded, in sauce or ketchup), a citrus, dark-haired rolls. Fried products, rather abdominous meal, drinking party (especially red gentle wines), aerated juice (paradise), strongly frosty and rather heated a delicacy aren't desirable also. And again – to keep similar requests:

Don't overeat

If to throw in a stomach it is a lot of to food, it I will undertake to be inflated and push out the weight impregnated with acid upwards. Weak sphincter can't resist to similar militant arrival.

Not «fasten fat»

To lie down on a sofa for a nourishing smoke break or a junket (as talked the old woman that fat to stick) – a manner not from favourable. Remaining on a drawing an hour later meal in a vertical condition, you have more probabilities to avoid a heartburn, after all later acid remains in a stomach, instead of will begin to flow in a gullet.

Don't gorge on for the night

On same to an occasion of the doctor introduce oneself to lie down sleepy not at first, than through two hours for a banquet. If to leave «on collateral», chewing on a pace a sandwich with a ham the present will work against you. The heartburn will be monetary!

Not to drink tea leaves with mint

Many of us like to take before a sleepiness a shaker mint tea leaves to relax, be calmed down and faster to appear in coverages of Morfeja. Mint weakens sphincter a gullet, releasing means for gastric acid.

Don't abuse coffee

Healthy tea leaves, coffee and a chocolate – to irritate inflamed slippery and weaken sphincter a gullet. The cup of fragrant lemonade and a chocolate bar for a dessert – and a heartburn won't force is long itself to expect.

Don't inhale a tobacco smoke

For an organism isn't present basic dissimilarity as in your blood there was a nicotine and other products of decay jambs – if you smoke or blow "the rings" which have been let out by yours by the neighbor. Tobacco the child again weakens sphincter and increases training of gastric nectar.

Don't drag a small shirt

Crowds which to dry from a heartburn, often feel softening how to soften a corbel or will put on trousers which don't run into a paunch. Gastroenterologists compare a stomach of the person to a tooth-paste tube. If on a tube pretty to press down, it leaves paste. So, indecent the impact on a stomach and an intestines leads to that acid gets to a gullet and to irritate tender walls of the council not capable for creation in that aggressive society.

Track down behind a sculpture

Elegant the person should more possibilities to avoid bad "convergence" with a heartburn, than the person which to dry from adiposity. The factor – in an undercover jelly which smothers on an intestines and a stomach isn't worse from narrow corbels. Fat, unlike skirt particles not to shake easy right hand prompting, because to fat men difficult to consult a heartburn.

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