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Who didn't test at least time in life mood differences, the irritability replaced by "tearfulness" with insult all and everything, anger and a depression, internal disorder, causeless anxiety, a dissatisfaction by itself, "vegetative storms" apropos and without, working capacity decrease, undue fatigability, fast exhaustion, dream infringements, easier weariness?

All is condition displays, the name to which - an adynamy (or an asthenic syndrome). From an adynamy anybody isn't insured, even extremely healthy people. And our patients …

The adynamy is a clinical syndrome with polymorphic semiology in which basis loss of ability to long physical and-or intellectual pressure lies. It accompanies many somatic diseases of the infectious and noninfectious nature, especially accurately being shown during the period convalescence.

Among its most frequent reasons - an atherosclerosis and other vascular defeats of a brain, endo - and exogenous intoxications with infringement of oxidation-reduction processes in a brain, a pathology of the central nervous system functional and organic genesis, mental diseases. Most often it the companion of an unhealthy way of life, a chronic intellectual and physical overstrain.

Despite modifying influence of causal factors, clinical displays of an adynamy at all polymorphism have many the general signs. Usually it develops gradually, debuting undue fatigability in a combination to irritability against constant aspiration to performance of physical or intellectual work even in the conditions of favorable for rest. This condition has capacious and accurate definition - "the weariness which is not searching for rest". In the subsequent in behavior of the patient there is a propensity to affective reactions, irritability, hypersensibility to loud speech, laughter, a smell, bright light, a touch. During this period signs of vegetative dysfunction are objectively defined: hyperhidrosis palms and all body, blood "inflow" to the person or, on the contrary, cold pale extremities, a tachycardia, urorrhagia occurrence transient vestibular infringements is, etc. probable. Emotional splashes are short, the patient is quickly exhausted with weakness approach, sensation of own powerlessness, and in hard cases - with passivity and apathy development. The headache, dream infringement (the raised drowsiness or a sleeplessness) quite often disturbs. Communication of occurrence or strengthening of an adynamy under the influence of climatic or geomagnetic factors is accurately enough traced.

Diagnostics is based on careful interviewing and the data of objective survey. Additional researches, first of all methods neuroimaging (a computer, jaderno-magnitno-resonant, pozitronno-issue, odnofotonno-issue computer tomography), urged to diagnose or exclude the morphological reason (a tumor, cysts, gummy, progressing diffuse brain defeat) an adynamy when one therapeutic actions not to manage and when they have exclusively symptomatic character. Medical interventions assume elimination or minimizing etiological the factors, healthy or, at least, sparing way of life, an exception of trigger influences, especially during the period of "the weariness which is not searching for rest". For preventive maintenance and adynamy treatment widely use nootropic means. In them are inherent such pharmacodynamic effects, as stimulation of transfer of excitation in the central neurons, simplification of an information exchange between hemispheres, improvement of power processes in neurons thanks to which they, except elimination of clinical displays of an adynamy, provide activation of intellectual functions, increase of ability to training and memory improvement.

Nootropic to a preparation the is inherent in everyone "therapeutic window" at which the most effective are average dosages, and small and high inactive. The average range of dosages piracetam makes from 1,2 to 9,6/days experts consider that for it the course dose (50-64g or 125-160 tablets on 0,4) is priority not daily, but. One more group of the medicines used at an adynamy, are peripheral vasodilators, in particular pentoxifylline, alkaloids an ergot (nicergoline, digidroergotoksin), naftidrofuril. Their medical effect is caused by improvement of brain blood circulation and elimination of a hypoxemia of neurons. If the adynamy is accompanied by vestibular infringements, can be situationally in addition appointed betahistine, cinnarizin, flunarizin. At prevalence in clinical displays of a disturbing component are useful anxiolytics, mainly derivative benzodiazepines, in the minimum and average therapeutic doses.

The adynamy not a problem if only to remember it, in time and professionally it to be engaged.

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