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Back Massage

Massage the back of the neck

Massage the neck area under the back first and foremost means a massage trapezoid, deltoid, rhomboid muscles and muscles of the neck. Study of internal muscles (supraspinatus and infraspinatus for example) depends on the depth desired massage and session time.

Particular attention is paid to the base of the neck (zone 7 th cervical vertebra), which is a problematic place for many women. That's where a high concentration of blood capillaries of the proper operation of which depends on brain nutrition. The presence of diseases such as hyper / hypotension, too, largely due to the well-being of this particular zone of the back.

Another problematic area is the area of ​​the blades. This place is permeated with numerous nerve endings. At this point, connect a few muscles. That is why such troubles as clamped nerve speak in this place piercing pain. The vast majority of people, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, massage zone blades brings tangible relief.

From single heavy loads suffer primarily shoulders. Therefore, shoulder massage area is particularly important for the wellbeing of the upper extremities. Leveraging the blood / lymph circulation in the area can relieve the tension in the muscles of the hands.

Thoracic spine

Massage the spine includes the elaboration of a diamond, a wide, oblique abdominal muscles and other muscles to be smaller.

Particular attention is paid to the paravertebral area of ​​the spine (muscle and tissue adjacent to the vertebral column). This place attachment surface of skeletal muscles in the spine. Massage these muscles gives a very useful effect in all respects. Due to the neuro-reflex effects of massage called the response of the brain causes the body (such spinal cord) to produce a variety of useful substances such as hormones, adrenaline and endorphins (happy hormones).

Regular massage of the thoracic and promotes the formation and strengthening of the so-called muscular. This is extremely important in this age of poor health and chronic fatigue!

On the other hand relaxation of the most extensive and back muscles a good blood supply to their positive effect on general health and mood.

To achieve maximum positive results massage thoracic appointed as a comprehensive general massage (collar zone + thoracic + lumbosacral)


Massage of the lumbosacral spine is probably the most popular massage on the back. And it is not surprising, because after the massage of this department comes a feeling of lightness and mobility throughout the body.

Massaged the widest part, gluteal and oblique abdominal muscles. Also, special attention is paid to the place of attachment of muscles in the pelvic region.

Mechanical effects in this area squeezed out of the subcutaneous fat layer of biologically active substances, as well as cause blood to actively provide this area with oxygen and vitamins. Impact on the buttocks extremely positive effect on the blood / lymph circulation legs. That is why massage waist is a must for rehabilitation after injuries of the lower extremities.

For a general whole body massage lumbosacral special attention, which is extremely positive effect on the body. This massage is also recommended in complex treatment of the withers (the climacteric hump at the base of the neck).

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