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Banned tablet

Make a reservation immediately. Side effects, which warned in the annotations to the drugs, drug allergy has nothing to do. We are talking about an individual immune response against the dose of medication. And most often affects people randomly taking medications.

Bad scenario

The mechanism of drug allergy is not fully understood. It is believed that a defensive reaction to the introduction of a synthetic drug, which resulted in blood ejected antibodies. The higher the concentration, the greater the reaction and severe consequences.

When and how the drug will cause a problem, it is impossible to predict. Drug allergy does not depend on the duration of the reception of the "dangerous" drugs, nor on the number of body encountering allergen. Sometimes quite a microscopic dose of aggressive substances to be in the hospital. Doctors have known cases where a severe allergic reaction develops even sniffing a potentially dangerous drug or accidental injury with a needle from the syringe injections are ill relative.

But though the cause allergies can be any drug, "black list" of doctors, allergists still there.

  • The most common fault analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, penicillin.
  • Very severe reactions occur on the receiving sulfonamides.
  • Provoke allergies may tetanus toxoid, pressure-lowering and antihypertensive drugs, even vitamins (mostly B).
  • Fear of allergy departments in recent years is the biologically active additives. In conjunction with fasting, these innocuous-looking capsules can cause a lot of nepolaok in the body, including allergies.

Four terms of problems

Determine which drug caused an allergic reaction, sometimes very difficult. Before get to the hospital bed, many patients take medications handful, sometimes without any reason. According to various estimates, the number of victims amateur therapy in Russia is 3 times higher than the number killed in automobile accidents - an occasion to reflect what we are doing and why.

Medics urge: do not buy drugs like sausage after watching ads!

Another indirect cause of drugs allergy is a food. Belly flavored antibiotics meat and milk, we ourselves without knowing it, earning an allergy to a particular drug.

Its contribution to the growing number of medical complications, alas, have made and the doctors themselves. In hospitals often get people who not only did not properly screened, but even marks on the availability of drug allergy in medical records do not have. Or receive analog dangerous for them drugs just because your doctor did not bother to look into the formulary.

Special paper - counterfeit drugs: a specially constructed dummy pill, and those who supplied false information on the composition. About how much damage they can cause, are left to guess: the statistics of medical complications, we lack.

Chemistry and life

Range of reactions to the introduction of alien "chemistry" can be very wide - from mild redness and heat to severe attacks of breathlessness and internal organ involvement.

Some of the worst manifestations of drug allergy is an anaphylactic shock (a sudden drop in pressure and vascular insufficiency) and Lyell's syndrome, when within a fairly short period of time is the total defeat of the skin, mucous membranes and internal organs. To save such a patient is very difficult, often by going for a minute. Therefore, noticing suspicious symptoms, you should immediately call an ambulance, do not forget to list all took drugs.

According to statistics, most often drug allergy occurs in women 30-40 years of age.

And the most "risky" profession - doctors: how they pay for ongoing contact with drugs, causing sensitization (the accumulation of antibodies) to a specific drug. Other risk factors is prolonged and frequent medication online, treatment by several drugs, presence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, heart, diabetes, food allergies.

Doctors warn: if you're used to, for any indisposition handfuls of pills is the risk of drug allergy is extremely high. Say goodbye to the habit, it is too late. Wrong medication is harmful: it starts in the body such mechanisms on which the person has no idea. The only hope - for prudence and common sense.

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