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Blonde under attack

You can be a large mom and keep white-toothed smile, strong teeth and charm proud posture. However, take care of this need in advance. Once in the queue to the dentist I have heard a conversation between two young women:

  • I had a molar removed after the birth of the older and now I feed my daughter and see that with a front tooth. Advised to put on his crown.
  • And I was sent from the antenatal clinic for the prevention, get up on the pregnancy registry. Is motherhood inevitably linked with loss of teeth?

Teeth's just the visible tip of the iceberg. Even more important to maintain bone strength, since they formed in the defect sites can not seal the rarefied tissue like teeth. Why do bones lose strength? The fact that the bone skeleton is not only a support for the entire body, but also a kind of storehouse of calcium and other minerals during pregnancy in the womb is born a new body, its bones, month after month growing and getting stronger. To construct the body, especially bone, future baby takes a lot of minerals. Hence, maternal nutrition should receive all necessary not only for their own needs, but also for the needs of a growing crumbs for the formation of his bones.

If the minerals in the diet is not enough, all the missing elements are borrowed from the mother's "larder", that is, from her bones. Calcium in this one as it is washed away, and bone expectant mother becomes tenuous and fragile. This process is called osteoporosis. Nature protects the new organism, and all lack an impact primarily on the health of future mothers.

After birth, the baby continues to grow with even greater intensity. For bone development is vital to a child a wide range of nutrients, especially a lot of needed calcium. Therefore, nature has taken care of, so generously saturate the breast milk that element. Well, if all that is necessary for two nursing mother gets from food. If not - the missing amount of calcium necessary to fill out the same "pantry" of the maternal skeleton. In this case, osteoporosis continues to evolve, bone mass is lost, the body as it eats itself. The perfidy of this process lies in the fact that the woman is usually a long time it feels, are just beginning to ache a little leg during a long walk, there are nagging feeling in the back and especially the lower back. But such ailments during pregnancy often arise out of touch with osteoporosis.

Make the same bone loss after breast feeding is very easy, because osteoporosis remains an urgent problem of women in the future, affect the hormonal features of the female body. Men do not face the risk of bone fracture, up to 80 years. Women have the same bone loss may start much earlier, and accelerated after menopause due to a decrease in this period of development of female hormone estrogen, which slow down the decrease of bone tissue.

Why is the problem of osteoporosis is so sharply risen in recent years? Moleno say that osteoporosis - a modern phenomenon. We began to live longer, a little move, consume less calcium and at the same time more "kidnappers" of calcium, such as caffeine (coffee, tea) and cigarettes. In our food products come factory-made, such as sausages, smoked, canned food, confectionery. They mass of calories and almost no minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Perhaps that is why American researchers claim that osteoporosis - is not a disease but the result of lifestyle. And here's a woman just over 50 years, accidentally slipped in the street gets a fracture of the forearm bones, ribs or ankle, although the hit was not hard!

And in old age is quite an awkward turn in bed - and hip fracture. In the trauma unit such patients abound. Osteoporosis can be avoided if the age to come to a critical juncture, at the beginning of menopause, without serious losses, with an optimal bone health. Therefore, you must make sure that during pregnancy and breast-feeding in the diet was sufficient calcium is not only for the baby, but also to strengthen your own bones to prevent osteoporosis.

How to calcium?

During pregnancy and lactation - a specialty. If the daily requirement for calcium in young women is 1 g per day, during pregnancy and lactation it increases to a half or two times. Therefore, in the diet in this period should increase the number of foods rich in calcium.

Fats hinder calcium absorption by the body, and the main emphasis should be on low-fat calcium foods (especially dairy) and fat (sour cream, butter, cream, etc.) is better to add on to the next meals. One cup of skim milk adds another 300 mg of this valuable element. Serve fresh salad of collard greens (so often referred to as Chinese salad) contains 200 mg of calcium, the same number you get in 100 grams of tofu or three tablespoons of grated cheese. A glass of stewed white beans - is 160 mg of calcium, a cup of broccoli - 100 mg, with 5 berries dried figs for tea - that's another 140 mg. True, we should note that in figs many connections oxalate - oxalate. If some violations of the exchange surplus of these substances is undesirable. In such cases, will help the apples, removing the body of excess oxalate.

No wonder the British say: "As an apple a day - and the doctor did not hath need". During pregnancy and breast-feeding the baby the woman health is very helpful to start and finish the day's apple. Half of a large apple on an empty stomach, once you get up, and half - for the night, about two hours after dinner - and the problem is solved oxalate.

Blonde under attack

Particularly high risk of developing osteoporosis problems in blondes, differing frail physique and delicate skin. Such external data are consistent with a constitutional predisposition to osteoporosis. This should take into account long before the onset of pregnancy, almost from childhood. The development of the skeleton of the girl continues to 20-25 years in this period gradually increases bone density, is necessary to increase the amount of calcium, trace elements contained in vegetables and vitamin D, which is produced in the body in the light. Particular attention should be paid as a girl with an inherited predisposition to osteoporosis (frequent bone fractures at the mother's or grandmother after 40 years). The main means of prevention - sports activities outdoors and a healthy diet with enough calcium.

Plus vitamin D

Calcium, for all its importance, only a "material" for building bone. For the construction process need more vitamin D. It is produced in the body exposed to sunlight. Autumn comes and the sun will appear only for a short time. And often, just in the hours we spend at work in the room. Over-the "dark" months of reserves are depleted of calcium in the body, because it is absorbed without the sun is bad, and consumed with the same intensity. Expectant mother, you catch every spare moment for a walk in the light of the day. Work, household responsibilities - all these have dramatically reduced, leaving for later, when the kid grows up and finished breastfeeding.

To calcium isn't only absorbed by the body, but was directed to the bone to the teeth and went on to strengthen them, you need traffic. Living body is alien to politics, but he firmly adheres to the principle of socialism: "Who does not work shall not eat," and then "takes off with contentment", the organs and tissues that do not work. Bone malnourished only on condition that she conscientiously works. If you have a lot of you walk or run, his legs will be strong, enduring. Not too significant injury to them will be terrible, fractures can be avoided. Strengthens the muscles of the spine, and it will keep you straight, and the body to wear easily. Exercise your hands, be engaged with dumbbells and expanders, and then when accidentally dropped will not be a fracture of forearm bones nearer to the wrist, "in a typical place", as the doctors say. Calcium is needed more and support group. This magnesium, boron, copper, manganese, zinc vitamins B6, C, K and folic acid.

The best way to get all the necessary materials - to eat fruits and vegetables, be sure to include in your daily diet cabbage, carrots and turnips, broccoli and cauliflower. Winter and spring come to the rescue kits frozen vegetables. Proteins and fats to enhance bone tissue contains in abundance in legumes, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds in oil. Is that food can not provide enough vitamins and calcium. Come to the aid of vitamin-mineral complexes that are specifically designed for expectant mothers.

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