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The most frequent reasons bronchiectasis are a chronic bronchitis, a pneumonia, a pneumosclerosis.

The clinical picture bronchiectasis illnesses depends on a stage. Distinguish 3 stages of illness.

The first stage — initial when in a clinical picture the signs of a chronic bronchitis which are periodically becoming aggravated prevail.

The second stage — a heat of illness with strongly pronounced clinical displays.

The third stage — along with the expressed changes in bronho-pulmonary system develops a hypertension of a small circle of blood circulation and legochno-warm insufficiency.

In the early period patients complain of cough with allocation of a considerable quantity of a phlegm, more often purulent, sometimes with blood streaks. Deterioration of the general condition during osenne-winter time is marked. This period can last for years and its duration depends on frequency of aggravations of process, working conditions, a life, a food.

In the second stage of patients disturbs cough with allocation purulent, sometimes a fetid phlegm more and more, and most of all it it is allocated in the morning. Appearance of patients changes: emaciation, the bloated person, cyanosis of integuments, fingers on hands take a form «drum-type sticks. In connection with constant allocation of a purulent phlegm patients feel purulent smack in a mouth, lose appetite, infringements develop from a gastroenteric path. The temperature is usually raised only in aggravations.

In the third stage of illness the condition of the patient worsens more and more, the semiology progresses, and finally patients perish from is warm-pulmonary insufficiency or a pulmonary bleeding.

TREATMENT bronchiectasis should be begun illnesses as soon as possible. Considering an exhaustion, appetite loss, it is necessary, that the food of the patient was high-grade, various, vitamin-rich (especially groups), contained a considerable quantity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

The national medicine recommends at bronchiectasis illnesses following grasses and plants: licorice a root, an anise, the Icelandic moss, infusions and broths termopsis, an aloe, birch and, especially, pine kidneys and other grasses and the plants applied at treatment of a chronic bronchitis and a pneumonia. A determinative in treatment bronchiectasis illnesses are methods of clarification and tempering an organism, inhalation therapy, physiotherapy exercises, improving force of sports.

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