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Causes of gastritis

The gastritis represents inflammatory process mucous a gastroenteric path. On frequency of cases of disease the gastritis is on the first place among all other pathologies of system of digestion. The gastritis can have sharp and chronic character.

The gastritis reasons

Principal cause of development of a gastritis, as a rule, is the use in food of foodstuff which are characterized by bad quality. In that case there can be food poisonings. Besides, the gastritis reason rendering of irritating influence on mucous GIT any medical products, for example, bromides or antibiotics, and also chemical compounds can be. The frequent reason of a gastritis allergic reaction to foodstuff, for example, on a strawberry or chocolate, and also certain diseases of infectious character can be.

The gastritis of chronic character represents developing the diseases, different damage of a cover of a gastroenteric path and glands of internal secretion which develop acid hydrochloric, slime and pepsin. At development of a chronic gastritis there is an obvious deterioration of reclaiming processes in cages mucous a stomach. All these pathological phenomena conduct behind themselves frustration of functioning of a stomach. Infringements can have two various characters:

  • Increase in concentration of acid hydrochloric at a gastritis of chronic character with hypersecretion;
  • Reduction of concentration of acid hydrochloric at a gastritis of chronic character with hyposecretion.

The main reason of a gastritis of chronic character is presence in GIT specific bacteria steady against acid which are capable not only to survive, but also to breed even in such adverse environment, as gastric juice. The presence establishment in GIT these bacteria plays a huge role in diagnostics and disease treatment.

The gastritis of chronic character with hypersecretion is considered as before ulcer condition. The essence of therapy of the given phenomenon is similar to treatment of a stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut. Besides it, the inflammation has tendencies to distribution on area of an arrangement of a pancreas and bile ways. At a long current of a chronic gastritis because of gradual dying off of glands of a stomach and their fall secretory the given type of a gastritis passes functions in a chronic gastritis against hyposecretion.

A gastritis attack

The chronic gastritis with hyposecretion at inadequate treatment or its total absence can pass in oncological defeat of a stomach. Often at such kind of a gastritis the anemia develops.

Signs of development of a gastritis

The gastritis of a sharp version, as a rule, starts to develop very roughly. Thus there are such symptoms, as a nausea and vomiting, a pain in temples and in area in the pit of the stomach, body rise in temperature, the general weakness.

Usually the attack of a sharp gastritis proceeds some days and comes to the end with a total disappearance of symptoms. At inadequate therapy disease can pass in a chronic version.

Symptoms of a chronic gastritis with hypersecretion are – morbidity in a stomach on a hungry stomach which is eliminated after meal; an eructation and a heartburn, locks.

At development of a chronic gastritis with hyposecretion are marked – sensation of excessive fullness of a stomach and weight, a nausea and a sour eructation, swelling a stomach and rumbling, a diarrhea. Besides, for the given version of a gastritis are characteristic – morbidity in epigastric to a zone right after acceptance of food which becomes more intensively in standing position. The pain, as a rule, disappears without intervention after a while.

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