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Cold diseases of women

Current inexact performance. Employment that ignition of appendages arises exclusively here when at an organism already there is any infection. If there is no infection we will not begin also inflammatory ceremony. Cooling can battle provoking an image, but at the present to aggravate already available long-term or got ail. To grief, nowadays the sexual infection is rather extended. In domestic to the Middle single there are patients at whom following the results of analyses the physiological flora in an organism is fixed average – in the main thing any madam has one, and even immediately some infections.

Current infections are transferred by exclusively sexual way?

Not by all means, household means of their transfer are admissible also. To catch it is permitted where it is necessary, especially for summer relaxations, bathings in reservoirs, at sauna visiting. So, if after bathings in lake or the river not to change clothes in the dried up bathing suit, and having returned back home, not to take a shower, if in an organism there was not healed constant infection, she now will declare herself sadness, disease, it is time – a height heat.

That is a lot of infections is disturbing, beginning from harmless, would surrender, milkwomen – it at a long stream to awake essential alterations in an organism – to chlamydia, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections.

But it is time their displays coincide with traces absolutely not similar ills. The hardy sorrows periodically appearing at the moment of a menstruation, often speak about strongly extended now efficient to an infirmity – an endometriosis. The bases of its aggravation can become that little girls in a menstruation continue to study in training by physical culture, persons – to erect difficulties and that is already absolutely inadmissible – to conduct sexual life. Because any aunt should at least one amicably in half a year visit the gynecologist, make inevitable researches and be assured that with its health whole in a mode.

Many persons don't turn keepers on a grief, arising in a stomach bottom in the winter. Think that the present – tiddly cold, will pass by itself...

The present incorrect conclusion. If the wife didn't give birth, bodies, any aggravation of inflammatory operations can plunge any ignition of appendages to adhesive to procedure. And as inquiry – to trumpet barreness when pipes become continuous.

Whether to relieve the warmed up shirt in inter-season period of ignition of appendages?

A hot skirt in itself not panacea, as flowing – infectious an infirmity. But. By all means, with affinity of insensibilities it is necessary to be thrown immediately on a seasonal skirt and footwear. On the prospectuses and is permitted to observe women and young aunts in beautiful, not after winter, stockings, the elementary cloaks truncated jackets in the big autumn. This – the admissible organization of riskiness because certainly many have any not finished the cure infection.

But, we will agree, in a dank weather no wonder to grow numb, catch a cold and being warmly dressed. Whether it is permitted in similar affairs to accept antibiotics or the warmed up jacuzzi as preventive maintenance?

First whole, of course, it is necessary to be zealous not to overcool. If you on - through have wet legs, have madly frozen, for example, on parking in expectation of motor transport, to work on a fossilized tile habitation it is necessary big to warm up stops. Is permitted to sit down on an edge bathrooms, to include a warm shower and to water with it stops. A trace it is necessary to direct courtesy on to come a menstruation: not such as it is habitual, more plentiful and long, it can prove about evolve inflammatory business in sexual councils. But more often gynecologists have employment with an aggravation of inflammatory business already available for the matron, and the present informs that in an organism of the person already there is a slow infection which or the leak not noticed, or hasn't been healed before. As to antibiotics I don't recommend to accept them except councils of the doctor. The fact in that activators of unknown infections are freely tolerant to antibiotics and to define, which shape of the activator to plunge to an aggravation ill, can it is exclusive the physician.

Hence, much in preventive maintenance unhealthy depends on the original matron?

The today's medicine can make the big. But it original doesn't need to start itself: it is necessary to observe hygiene, to track down behind food, to study a regatta, to conduct adequate an existence exterior, in that to date and sensual to visit the gynecologist earlier – and many difficulties with health will manage to be avoided. And if again more often to Look in a mirror, to impose a simple make-up – you itself will be flattered. Love yourself.

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