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Correction of facial contours

Attractive and well-groomed appearance in understanding of women is invariably interfaced to a youth of the face. The accurate and tightened face form, the outlined cheekbones and a chin are indicators of a young face. However time doesn't spare anybody, and with the years the face form loses clearness, the skin droops and becomes flabby.

Face form correction is a procedure of esthetic hardware cosmetology which will help to return to the person youth and appeal. Modern technologies and preparations help to achieve extremely effective positive result.

Face form correction shows the cosmetology procedure directed on returning to the person of former forms and outlines. Face form correction gives the chance to improve its external borders, to eliminate fatty adjournment.

Visual aging of appearance of the person, especially women, is caused by a vagueness and an illegibility of outlines. Procedure of correction of a face form is carried out in some stages, each of which allows to make the person and appearance as a whole younger.

The modern fulfilled techniques of cosmetology correction of a face form, besides, that rejuvenate the face outwardly and tighten a skin, allow to eliminate from a surface of a skin of a wrinkle and a fold, pigmentary formations. As a result the person becomes fresh and is younger. Influence of process of aging of the organism, reflected and on a face skin, in a literal sense turn back.

Use at carrying out of procedure of correction of a face form of modern medicamentous and cosmetic means helps to struggle even with obvious esthetic lacks – scars and hems, consequences acne illnesses and other.

It is necessary to tell that each stage of procedure of correction of a face form is separate difficult processes. Each stage demands competent preparation before carrying out. Procedure carrying out should be assigned only to the qualified expert. The lack at the cosmetician or the doctor who has incurred responsibility for achievement of extremely positive result, experience or qualification can lead to serious consequences and complications. Besides, the doctor of inappropriate qualification bears responsibility before the patient for result of the work. In case of unsuccessful operation sometimes happens extremely difficult to eliminate the appeared defects. For this reason the clinic and the expert is necessary for choosing very carefully.

Result of successfully spent correction of a face form are the tightened cheekbones, an accurate line of a chin and a smooth equal skin. All defects of appearance available before operation should be whenever possible eliminated.

In procedure of correction of a face form the following technique: lift cheekbones is used for

  • Increase in a chin, cheeks and cheekbones by means of local injections of own fatty fabric of the patient. This procedure carries the name Lipofilling;
  • Volume escalating with the help implants from silicone;
  • Removal of adjournment of a superfluous fatty hypodermic cellulose.

What problems procedure of correction of a face form allows to solve:

  • Elimination of senile sticking of area of cheeks;
  • Giving to cheekbones accurate delineated;
  • Increase in not enough developed chin;
  • Elimination of fatty adjournment in the field of a chin (the second chin).

Specificity of procedure of correction of a face form:

  • It is used both local, and the general anesthesia;
  • Duration of procedure makes from a half an hour about one hour;
  • The rehabilitation period after procedure very short and, as a rule, the favorable.

Among alternatives of correction of a face form it is necessary to note – scalpel a tightening, reinforcing by gold threads, face lifting, planimetric surgical plastic arts, face form modeling, a liposuction of fatty adjournment.

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