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Day contact lenses yes or no

Regain normal vision is very problematic. Another thing, if we have in mind its correction. In this case, immediately comes to mind all the usual one - points. However, the glasses is glasses: wearing them is not always convenient. Alternative points have now become contact lenses. Yes or no? Many, of course, the answer to this question, because the benefits of contact lenses have more than enough, and cons, though present, is very small.

Corrective vision lenses are almost invisible, do not affect the appearance of man, comfortable, practical and easy to use. Also, choose the options you want when buying lenses is much easier since it is necessary to know only the individual-level data view.

Compare and make a choice

Just note that the lenses are long and day use. Those and other options have their strengths and weaknesses. Disposable lenses are easy to use, since it does not require special handling at the end of the day because they are simply thrown away, and the next day take new. Lens extended use at the end of the day must be removed by placing them in a special solution for cleaning and disinfecting. However, reusable lenses for the eyes is much cheaper one-day counterparts.

Next. The composition of tears implies fat, protein, calcium and other components, which are produced by divisions of the eye. With continued wearing lenses prolonged use there is a risk of accumulation on the surface of the above substances in combination with elements of the external environment such as dust.

This may lead to a deterioration of transparency of the lens and hence to the deterioration of correction of vision. In addition, increases the risk of allergic reactions covering of the eyeball.

Consequently, wearing contact lenses prolonged use requires mandatory, systematic processing of special disinfectant. However, even these measures do not guarantee the absolute purity of reusable lenses.

Pros... and a minimum of deficiencies

Disposable lenses: yes or no? Of course, yes! Contact Lenses of this type are not intended to care at all, as the products of tear fluid throughout the day they do not have time to accumulate. Hence, they can not trigger allergic reactions to dirt, dust, preservatives, which contains a specific formulation for nocturnal lens processing prolonged use.

Today, manufacturers are offering to our attention a huge range of contact lenses, which, thanks to modern technology, combined all the advantages of this product. The latest generation of lenses contain enough moisture (hydrogel) and sufficiently permeable to oxygen delivery (silicone hydrogel). Thus, the eye can "breathe", and its mucous constantly hydrated and protected from UV rays.

When disposable lenses preferable? They are indispensable in the following cases:

  • When the eyes produce excess protein or fat, which are deposited on the lens surface;
  • If a person is forced to stay in the smoky environment or indoor air-conditioned;
  • The tendency of the body to allergic reactions to components of the liquid for cleaning lenses long-term use;
  • On vacation or a business trip, when obstructed constant care for conventional lenses;
  • The irregular wear;
  • When the eyes need maximum comfort and recovery.

All of the above indicates the great thing about day lenses. But, in fairness it should be noted their small but significant negative: cost, which in comparison with extended wear lenses are much higher. Even if we consider that we should not buy the liquid lens care and storage containers for the price of one-day contact lenses not available to everyone.

And remember that the re-use of one-day lenses are unacceptable!

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