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Diabetes and pregnancy

Diabetes is the illness asymptomatic, but very dangerous. Many sick of a diabetes don't suspect about the disease till the moment of occurrence of the complications connected with it. For this reason in many cases diagnosis definition occurs to essential delay. If you reflect on a posterity institution we advise to you in advance to make the blood analysis, to exclude diabetes possibility.

The diabetes extremely negatively influences pregnancy, especially in its first half. And if you already carry your future kid and you have suspicions on a diabetes, or someone in your family suffers from this illness and there is a probability, as you can inherit it, pass as soon as possible necessary inspection to receive corresponding treatment. In spite of the fact that the diabetes doesn't recover definitively, there is highly effective enough technique of treatment, and, having passed such course, you can give birth to the healthy child even if the diagnosis – a diabetes has been made to you.

What represents itself a diabetes?

The diabetes is a metabolic disease which conducts to increase in the maintenance of sugar in blood. When the organism functions in a normal mode consumed products will be transformed to the nutrients necessary for maintenance of ability to live of our organism. For example, glucose, getting to the blood, most serves for energy development in our body. That glucose could carry out the mission and not exceed normal level of the maintenance in blood, its action are regulated by insulin — a hormone which is developed by a pancreas.

Diabetes consequences

Even considering absence of symptoms of this dangerous illness, its consequences are destructive. The diabetes conducts to infringement of many vital processes of our organism: sight, work of kidneys, blood circulation. The patients who are not accepting course of treatment or those who suffers a diabetes in a late stage of illness, suffer diabetic arteriopathy the bottom extremities – wounds hard giving in to treatment standing, formed owing to problems with blood circulation. Such complications can result (and often enough result) in foot amputation.

Diabetes suffer and at children's age and if not to begin treatment in time consequences — serious enough — will be shown for many years. If not to start to treat in time a diabetes during pregnancy illness will negatively affect on health of the future kid, for example, the child will be predisposed to adiposity.

Diabetes symptoms

The most known symptoms of a diabetes:

  • urorrhagia (frequent urinations);
  • constant feeling of thirst and dryness in a mouth;
  • weariness owing to low receipt of glucose at cellular level;
  • feeling of hunger;
  • the obscured sight;
  • sensation of "goose pimples" in feet;
  • long healing of wounds.

Diabetes type

Diabetes of 1st type. It still name "youthful" as usually it is shown before 20-year-old age. In case of a diabetes of 1st type the pancreas doesn't develop insulin enough. It occurs because the immune system destroys the cages of a pancreas responsible for development of insulin. Treatment of this type of a diabetes is carried out by means of daily injections of insulin (insulin dependence).

Diabetes of 2nd type. It is often enough shown at the people suffering from excess weight. In this case or the pancreas doesn't develop insulin enough, or insulin is incorrectly processed at cellular level. As a rule, such type of a diabetes is inherited on a related line.

Gestational diabetes. This type of a diabetes appears only during pregnancy when the order of distribution of hormones is broken. There is it suddenly, but after the delivery disappears, in most cases, without complications.

Diabetes treatment

Diabetes is a chronic disease and completely doesn't recover. Treatment promotes normal development of insulin, but in cases if the patient is immovable, there can be absolutely unexpected complications. A basis of treatment of a diabetes of 2nd type is the special diet and some physical exercises. The diet assumes the use of products with the lowered maintenance of carbohydrates, it is recommended to eat in the small portions that the organism had time to develop insulin. Exercises basically are intended for people with excess weight which to a thicket are predisposed to occurrence of complications. If it is not enough one diet, medicamentous treatment is applied.

In case of a diabetes of 1st type the patient spends constant insulin therapy. In case of a gestational diabetes the same treatment is applied, as at a diabetes of 2nd type: a diet and exercises.

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