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Diagnosis and treatment of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation - one of the most frequent diseases in men. The essence of the violation consists in the fact that ejaculation (semen eruption) occurs at the beginning of sexual intercourse or to commit it. Early ejaculation robs a full sex life and his male partner, often cause psychological problems.


The main symptom - ejaculation to the point where it would like a man. The time interval between the onset of excitation and ejaculation may be entirely different, and premature ejaculation can occur either during foreplay or during intercourse. Establish a fixed length of time until ejaculation, which would be considered "normal", not as a sexual relationship, everything depends not only on the abilities of men, but other factors (emotional state, being partners, an environment in which they are located, and much more).

Premature ejaculation: physiologic, psychogenic causes

There are several major causes of premature ejaculation, subdivide them into physiological and psychogenic. For physiological reasons include: inflammation of the pelvic organs, deviant structure of the penis head sensitivity, nervous disorders, congenital or acquired violation of the regulatory functions of the brain, increased sexual excitability.

The most common psychogenic cause of premature ejaculation - excitement, obsessive anticipation of failure, neurosis, anxiety, inability to control the duration of sexual intercourse.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation in the first place, based on the complaints of the patient. If both partners are satisfied with the duration of sexual intercourse, the diagnosis of premature ejaculation "can not be unfounded. In the opposite case of a medical specialist should find out why the breach and to conduct a survey. Screening program usually includes: an external examination, rectal examination, ultrasound examination of genital organs, laboratory tests for the presence of infection, as well as test methods. The choice of diagnostic tests carried out by a doctor of the patient's individual indications. Accordingly, pathogenesis, a doctor prescribes a course of treatment. It may include the use of both drugs and physiotherapy. In some cases, patients are advised to physical and mental exercises to help control ejaculation.

The consequences of premature ejaculation

If untreated, premature ejaculation can become a source of serious problems for both males and his partner. First and foremost, a psychological discomfort, it deprives a man of confidence, causing a feeling of fear, until the complete unwillingness to have sex. The woman, whose partner regularly suffers from this problem, does not undergo an adequate response. In most cases this will upset the sexual and emotional relationship the pair.

In physiological terms of the impact premature ejaculation can be erectile dysfunction in men, and his partner - frigidity. Prevent the onset of these disorders can only prompt treatment by a qualified medical specialist - Urology-andrology.