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Illness begins with an indisposition, rise in temperature, a sore throat. Here that also is shown special "meanness" of diphtheritic toxin - amazing the nervous terminations it, first, causes a condition similar to local anesthesia (i.e. like a throat would be ill, but not very much and strongly), and, secondly, influence exotoxin on an organism isn't accompanied by temperature substantial increase (above 38 With - seldom enough. Thus, the diphtheria beginning very often simulates not simply usual ARI, and as though lung ARI, - both body temperature low, and the throat is ill not strongly, and even the cold isn't present (absence of a cold - one of the most typical symptoms of a diphtheria).

All it also leads to what to diagnose illness in the first days after its beginning, as a rule, it is possible to nobody. But for the second day in a throat touches start to appear. At first they thin and light - as a web, but gradually get gray also become dense.

The current of disease at not imparted heavy, quite often arises a strong intoxication of an organism, an inflammation of a throat and respiratory ways. Besides, the diphtheria is fraught with serious complications - a hypostasis of a throat and breath infringement, defeat of heart and kidneys, nervous system. The diphtheria quite often comes to an end with death.

Diphtheria forms

Distinguish following forms of a diphtheria:

  • Diphtheria oropharynx;
  • Diphtheria of respiratory ways;
  • Nose diphtheria;
  • Diphtheria of rare localizations (a skin, external genitals, wound surfaces)


Enter whey. Necessarily appoint antibiotics (more often erythromycin) the diphtheritic stick will be faster ruined, the less she will have time to develop toxin, it, first, and, secondly, antibiotics do sick of a diphtheria and carriers of a diphtheritic shelf safe for associates.

At diphtheritic croup if the patient not in a condition itself cough films, clean them - under anesthetic, by means of the special device examine a throat and nippers or electric pumps delete films. In a hard case to have to do an intubation or tracheostomy.

At development of complications, ways to help the patient there is a set, but, unfortunately, efficiency of this help leaves much to be desired. It is necessary to treat long enough (some months), however console that fact that diphtheritic complications seldom leave lifelong traces - that is if business has gone on the amendment, recover will be full, without special consequences and physical inabilities.

Age related changes in respiratory
Diabetes and pregnancy