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Diseases of the genitourinary system

Illnesses of urinogenital system meet very often. From all category of illnesses of urinogenital system it is accepted to allocate some the basic illnesses:

  • Stones and sand in bodies of urinogenital system. The given pathology meets at people of all age. Meanwhile, more often urolithic disease amazes people from a young and average age category. At development urolithiasis illnesses at young and middle age of persons pathological formations are localized in kidneys, and at older persons stones and sand are formed directly in a bladder more often. The quantity of stones and their size can be different, it concerns course of illness and specific features of an organism of the patient.
  • Illness of urinogenital system a nephrite. The nephrite, or an inflammation of kidneys as it is easy to guess, carries an inflammatory origin. The transferred virus disease, more often quinsy becomes the reason of development of a nephrite. The provoking factor of development of an inflammation of kidneys is organism overcooling.
  • Illness of urinogenital system a cystitis. The cystitis is an inflammation of a bladder. The cystitis can carry infectious or noninfectious character. The noninfectious inflammation of a bladder develops because of aggressive influence on a mucous membrane of a bladder of medical products under condition of their long use, in the course of burns mucous, at traumatizing covers alien subjects, stones in a bladder, at endoscopy inspection, at beam treatment of new growths of female sexual system, direct intestines or directly bladder.

Causes developments of illnesses of urinogenital system:

  • Organism and cold overcoolings;
  • Traumas and damages, a physical overstrain;
  • Infections, especially chronic defeats of a nasopharynx;
  • Poison gases and powerful medical products, intoxications;
  • A heart trouble and vessels, other internal concerning system of urination;
  • Pregnancy, new growths, locks and other.

As illnesses of urinogenital system are shown:

  • Total amount reduction mochiiz-for strong decrease in arterial pressure;
  • Increase in quantity of urinations and quantity of urine for a day because of frustration of work of a pancreas;
  • The colourless liquid of urine arising in the course of dehydration of an organism, a diabetes or frustration
  • The general analysis of urine
  • Nephritic function;
  • A muddy liquid of the urine, different a pungent smell – at poisonings, diseases of intestines or other internal.

It is necessary to know that kidneys are the body containing poisonous connections. And illnesses of urinogenital system, as a rule, have a direct bearing on it. Illnesses of urinogenital system can have sharp and chronic character.

In case of sharply proceeding inflammatory process strong cutting pains in the course of an urination, the speeded up desires with small volume of a liquid, morbidity in the field of a pubis, an enuresis, morbidity in the field of a waist are marked. Urine can get a turbidity, to be with blood or pus impurity.

Chronic illnesses of urinogenital system have the often same symptoms, as sharp forms. For chronic illnesses of urinogenital system alternation of stages of an aggravation and remission is characteristic. At strong defeat of fabrics of kidneys are marked cyanosis and an itch.

Curative gathering and mixes of medicinal grasses which possess anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, diuretic, antispasmodic and strengthening effects are applied to treatment of illnesses of urinogenital system. Besides, such homeopathic gathering result in norm structure of blood and process hematopoietic, promote bile outflow, strengthen work sweat glands, normalize exchange processes and lift immunity.

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