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The dysbacteriosis about which conversation in this publication will go, not nice an illness to get the greatest transfer among blessed businesswomen – directors of affairs, managers of the Supreme and moderate link. And to be made for ever and ever on one statement: spa-salons, fitness clubs, excellent cosmetics and livelihood, kind a constitution and ruddy radiating with health, a face. Also there is no unusable desire to reflect on harmful microbes. And suddenly they start to interfere with existence: and here has already fallen smothering, a face has grown thin and to be got bags under eyes, somewhere to get to validity and to be started hitches with processing.

In an organism of any creation, according to doctors, the uniform weight of microbes makes about two, and even three kilograms. And these microbes share on two conditional sheaves – "nasty" and "suitable". Here for example, lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and intestinal sticks – "pretty" – they help with digestion and replacement raft, promote protection from an allergy, assist an immune subsystem. And inconsistent staphylococci and streptococci which too "occupy" an organism, – "pity". And how only to become less than "kind" microbes, immediately on an organism start to render authoritativeness "negative" microbes. The dysbacteriosis also begins.

It is universal, lives as factors for the dysbacteriosis basis. This and gastroenteric indispositions when on initial metaphases try to forget about illnesses, and stressful conditions which at career construction happens enough. Rather extended the factor is a diet. The organism during an instant of a diet doesn't earn, besides superfluous kilograms, again and strongly many good stuff which doesn't suffice "the necessary" microbes. Also in duration of a diet it is complicated the decision of materials which wrecks of microbes promote. There are some average requirements about the fair foodstuffs, for example: the vegetative cellulose and sour-milk products create nutritious an ether for fertile flora, and preservatives, on the contrary, kill this flora. In again one «a danger command» is permitted to please thanking the a creature – they as the requirement, represent carriers of the elementary parasites, to common people named worms which, allocating insalubrious matters, poison the whole same expedient flora.

And the original major the basis – numerous use of antibiotics and other curative materials. It is impossible to use them except the woman of need even if tomorrow it is necessary («very much-very – the message, except me probably») to be on business. In similar adventures, it is necessary to use more gentle medicines, after all antibiotics rescue you not exclusively from "thin" microbes, but also leave after itself precisely "scorched earth", killing at flowing colonies of salutary flora.

And the original ominous consists that a dysbacteriosis doesn't live.

Well in any will accept it it is not allocated in original illness, and it is mentioned hardly in a context of unknown other sores. In the certain countries in medicine there is no similar a word always. And the major an occasion not to think its indisposition – absence of the specialized distinctive signs distinguishing it excellent, let and similar, infirmities. At you an eructation, a stomach swelling, a heartburn, vomiting, locks, spirit from a mouth? Don't put off – now it is necessary to visit the gastroenterologist, to define the conclusion, to intend deliberate studying which I will specify staff of microflora of intestines, and exclusively to start sweat to treat.

We pass to the warm. Having started to treat a dysbacteriosis, I will approach to be engaged and other difficulties, to which as handles didn't reach. Therefore as an in itself dysbacteriosis – flowing hardly the iceberg culmination – absolutely to cure it it is permitted hardly having eliminated illness-reason. Yes, we are ready, to treat illnesses, tied with digestive the doctrine – not original fascinating work in lives, but there are nice bonuses: eels will be gone, to be a powerful flush and a genuine color of a skin, we will be gone hypostases and bags under eyes, so scrupulously masked to flowing cosmetics.

Means and the preparations which are written out at a dysbacteriosis and susceptible to restore reeled balance of microflora, is conditionally permitted to separate on three main structures: stimulating perfection of colonies good bacteria Probiotics. At treatment not the unnecessary will use recipes which improve digestion: for example, the medicines consisting of enzymes pancreatic of metal or adsorbents, promoting a result of inconsistent toxins. With normalization mission contractile superabilities intestinal wall use separate massage and self-massage, acupuncture. It is necessary to remember the major: to put the conclusion and intend treatment the doctor can exclusively.

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