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Excessive pigmentation

Excessive pigmentation is sites of skin with the raised maintenance of a pigment which in the people call dark stains on skin, birthmarks, birthmarks. Thought earlier that the reason of emergence of sites of hyper pigmentation are solar burns or process of aging to which all people are subject. But is and not such obvious reasons emergence of such phenomenon, as excessive pigmentation.

Hyper pigmentation call a skin condition at which its some sites become much more appreciable, differ on color. As a rule, places of localization of such dark stains are on shoulders, hands, the person, area of a decollete, a neck. The most widespread types of sites of hyper pigmentation are «hepatic spots», freckles and solar lentigo. Excessive pigmentation is not the most harmless phenomenon as its some types can regenerate in cancer tumors. At detection at itself on skin of dark stains of not clear origin, increase in the sizes of freckles, it is necessary to consult with the doctor – the dermatologist who will carry out necessary analyses and will make the conclusion about character of these spots, and existence on skin of similar education is how dangerous. Even spots from burns, suntan are necessary for observing, as such disease can be formed of them, as a melanoma – a cancer of skin.

Excessive pigmentation is shown where melanocytes, pigmentary cages on a body of the person, producing melanin, develop most of all this pigment. Such superfluous production of melanin any adverse factors of environment – strong influence of a sunlight, a wind, cold temperatures can provoke, the chemicals, many physiological processes which have violations in work. The number of the most widespread reasons of emergence of sites of hyper pigmentation includes hormonal violations in an organism of the woman which occur during pregnancy, a menopause, the diseases connected with a hormonal background. Any changes in a diet also can provoke redundancy of melanin in separate areas of skin. Especially strongly this process is influenced by superfluous consumption of iron or a lack of vitamins A and E in an organism of the woman. Often pigmentary spots start to appear when the woman sits down on a diet which isn't balanced.

The number of the most widespread reasons of emergence of sites of pigmentation includes environment factors, neglect means of protection from the sun and a wind, cold temperatures. Cause emergence of dark stains can and incorrectly picked up cosmetics or other means on the care of skin. The number of such cosmetics includes as a part of what there is a large amount of alcohol or mercury. Also excessive pigmentation can arise when the person accepts medicines which in the collateral action and give effect of a superfluous producing of melanin. Preparations which use for treatment of high arterial pressure, infertility, sleeplessness can cause this effect. Traumas and the cuts leading to an inflammation of the top layer of skin, also lead to formation of dark stains on skin. It can be stings of insects, allergic reactions, burns, wounds.

In any case, at detection at itself on a body of similar spots, consultation of the doctor is necessary. Depending on gravity of a skin disease it appoints preparations, cream, lotions which will help to fight against pigmentation. Cucumber lotions and the lotions containing extract of green tea very well are suitable for treatment of freckles. Equipment rooms and surgical methods of removal of dark stains – a dermabraziya (removal of a site of skin a lot of pigment) and a chemical peeling (the struck layer delete by means of active substance), laser operation are used.

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