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These tablets are recognized by one of the most impressing workings out of last years presented to the public by companies Johnson&Johnson – Priligy. There is a probability that new, but already demanded means will manage to press essentially on regiments even superpopular Viagra. Now dapoxetine it is possible to get and in our shop.

Men for whom premature outpouring a seed is a problem, it is a lot of worldwide. Dapoxetine it is created effectively and confidently to solve this problem. Its action allows to extend quadruple an interval of time from the beginning of the certificate and before orgasm achievement, therefore sex after application of dapoxetine will be guaranteed long!

It is possible to consider as a novelty side benefit good shipping that is confirmed by mass researches in which inhabitants and doctors more than from twenty different countries have taken part. Long – before half a year – regular reception of dapoxetine promotes improvement of all indicators of man's activity. Preparation reception carry out not less than in an hour, and no more than three hours prior to relations.

Dapoxetine it is compatible and synergistically on action to such preparations, as Viagra, Sialis, Levitra and them generics.

Dapoxetine: quiet confidence

Besides the problems widely discussed by the public connected with erectile dysfunction which suffers, by the approximate calculations, everyone 10th the man, exists also a problem premature ejaculation. In spite of the fact that it is told about it much less, prevalence of this problem even surpasses the same indicators for erectile dysfunctions.

Rather recently German pharmaceutical firms Jonson&Jonson and Priligy had been developed essentially new medical product prolongation of sexual intercourse at the expense of a distance of the moment of approach of a man's orgasm became which unique appointment. In two thousand sixth, after serious and successful clinical tests, this preparation has appeared on chemist's show-windows of countries of Western Europe and Americas. This preparation dapoxetine is called.

What is dapoxetine?

In Russia the first data on generic dapoxetine have appeared no more than year back, but have there and then caused a great interest and enthusiasm in doctors, sexologists and their patients. Such agiotage that reception of rather small dose - thirty or sixty milligrams – for an hour before sexual intercourse allows to increase the period from the beginning frictions and to an ejaculation at least in three-four times that gives the chance to the man to satisfy completely the partner speaks and considerably raises value judgment of quality of sexual intercourse by men.

About that some medical products from a class of energizers are capable to extend a time interval before an orgasm at the man, it was known for a long time. However there was no preparation which could be appointed exclusively with that end in view. All energizers concerning group of substances, blocking the return capture serotonin (SSRIs), are intended for long application in cases of treatment of various forms of depressions and other frustration, and unlike dapoxetine, have the prolonged effect.

Today dapoxetine to buy which it is possible in some Internet drugstores, became the unique medicinal form concerning group SIOZS, capable to cause a delay ejaculation, without rendering thus essential influence on mental activity of the person.

Recommendations about reception dapoxetine

Accepted for one-three hour prior to the beginning of sexual intercourse, the preparation quickly also is full soaked up in a gastroenteric path and in an hour its concentration in blood plasma reaches the maximum values. During the same period of time the greatest efficiency of a medicine is marked also.

The period of full deducing a preparation from an organism is approximately equal to twenty four hours, therefore to accept it it is possible daily, without being afraid of effect of accumulation and intoxication development. Buying dapoxetine, it is necessary to consider that it doesn't influence quality of an erection, therefore to the men suffering erectile dysfunction and accepting generic cialis, generic levitra or generic viagra, it is not necessary to refuse these preparations.

Having bought dapoxetine, it is important to remember that, unlike levitra and cialis, it is badly combined with alcohol, strengthening braking of nervous system and leading to excitation decrease. Therefore to accept a medicine it is better when the probability of the use enough the big doses of alcoholic drinks is excluded. To accept a preparation it is possible irrespective of food intake. From by-effects the nausea and a headache are marked sometimes. The most obvious and steady effect of prolongation of sexual intercourse it is possible to reach after six months of regular reception of the given medical product.

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