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Guard against allergy

Allergy suffer approximately 70-80% of the population. It can occur in humans, regardless of the season, but it is spring and summer bring a lot of harmful substances allergolikov. The term "allergy" refers to the body's sensitivity to substances with antigenic properties, or even without them.

Substances that cause people a state of heightened sensitivity called allergens. They may come from the environment or formed directly in the body. There are different pathways of exogenous allergens in the body: through the skin and mucous membranes through the mucosa of the alimentary tract during the injection of medicines, through the placenta from mother to fetus, through the respiratory tract.

Among the animals produce allergens are those that cause occupational diseases, they are called, usually, epidermal allergens, which are manifested in the form of endless cold, bronchial asthma, urticaria, etc. These diseases most often seen in workers whose work is related to animals. Known allergies hairdressers caused by sensitivity to dandruff. Now diversify investigated allergic properties of insects. Butterflies, especially moles, are a source of allergic diseases, particularly bronchial asthma. Numerous cases of allergic reactions to dipteran insects.

For food allergens belong to the products of animal and vegetable origin. The most famous of these are the eggs, all the components of which may be allergens. Strong allergen is cow's milk in case the adoption of cow's milk is recommended, or replace it with soy, almond, poppy, or consume dairy products that are not allergic properties. Individuals have an increased sensitivity to all sorts of fish or to separate them. Among food allergens can be wheat, vegetables, fruits, berries, citrus fruits.

Very often the manifestation of allergies from the use of different drugs. The list of medications that can cause allergies, very big. Now we know more than a thousand different species of plants that produce pollen, but only a few dozen of them to cause allergic disease - polinozy. The greatest activity is allergic pollen weeds, shrubs, grasses and herbs. The activity of the pollen of trees is much smaller. To allergens of infectious origin belong to bacterial, fungal and viral.

Allergy may be different. Immediately appear - anaphylactic shock, serum sickness. May appear bronchial asthma, urticaria, dermatitis, etc. Very often a so-called "allergic rhinitis" (reusable sneezing, frequent occasional runny nose, difficulty breathing sverbezh and nose). This is one of the most common disease that affects the nasal mucosa, especially in the nasal turbinate.

How to deal with allergies?

To identify an allergy to a substance by using skin tests, provocation tests, various laboratory tests, the study of heredity, etc. This gives the person's knowledge of what is to be feared. Stopping contact with allergens can be eliminated and the manifestations of the disease. Need to avoid places where they can be harmful for you substance, strengthen the immune system. Today there are many medications for allergy which considerably facilitate the disease.

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