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Hormones are not harmful

Rumors that hormone pills are harmful is not reasonable. They arose because the first generation pills contain very high doses of hormones and, indeed, it was not safe. Now the situation is different, but most women still prejudiced against the hormone, staying in the confidence that they can somehow damage the health.

More recently hormonal administered very carefully, their use was limited, but in recent years, especially after the emergence of new hormonal online drugs (containing the minimum possible to achieve the contraceptive effect dose of hormones) and the accumulation of knowledge about their abilities, attitudes of physicians in many ways changed. Now, hormonal contraceptives may be contraindicated only very few women, and their variety allows you to choose appropriate drugs for patients of any age with virtually no side effects and health damage. Most say - the latest generation of hormonal contraceptives have medicinal properties: 2-3 times lower risk of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, 4 times - the development of anemia, 2 times - the appearance of ovarian and uterine body, reducing the risk of ill mastopathy and cardiovascular diseases. Why is this happening? The degree of risk of tumor development in the ovaries is higher, the more ovulations taking place in a woman's life. Each pregnancy, as a kind of menopause, takes chances with cancer. Pills also by preventing ovulation, thus also reducing the risk of cancer. In addition, hormonal contraceptives - a good prevention of renal inflammation and appearance of the cyst.

In addition, their application can not only protect against pregnancy but also to help cope with some cosmetic flaws (acne, hair loss, improve skin condition, etc.). Affecting the overall level of hormones, comprehensive oral contraceptives (COCs) reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, "brake" the development of acne.

Receiving hormones can save bone strength, as they play a significant role in the process of regeneration of the skeleton. In the construction of the bone involved osteoblasts - the cells that contribute to its generation of an, and osteoclasts - cells that are "repair" of the bone. On the amount of estrogen dependent viability and first and second. As women age estrogen levels decrease, and hormones make it possible to keep it under normal conditions and thus protect against osteoporosis.

Modern oral hormonal contraceptives do not affect the weight!

Low-dose preparations can also control the menstrual cycle. For example, you can get rid of menstruation during holidays, sporting events, etc. Throughout the world, is already widely used such a possibility, but consult a doctor before it is needed!

A decrease in the number of days of menstruation and the simulation cycle by using hormonal contraception to avoid migraines, painful sensations in the chest and other symptoms of PMS, according to U.S. gynecologists.

Hormones make it easier to PMS! Painful cramps during menstruation and before its beginning is a substance called prostaglandin, which is released during ovulation. With the COC this substance is produced less and cramps disappear. In any case, the pain is especially acute - is a symptom, not disease, so if physical discomfort should consult a gynecologist to find out why.

One of the most effective drugs to facilitate the physical and mental health of women before the onset of menstruation - a contraceptive Yasmin. It helps with various forms of ICP due to the progestin contained in it - a derivative of a diuretic used to treat diseases that are associated with excess body water. Some say that YASMIN "removes" the mood swings and eliminates the headaches, though research is needed to prove that this is the result of the drug rather than placebo effect.

Hormonal pills do not affect the health of a child! If a woman takes the pills within a few years and at some point wanted to have a baby, then she should just cancel the product and protect themselves by other methods for some time is needed. After discontinuation of the drug may occur pregnancy. Sometimes it happens that pregnancy does not occur in the first few months after discontinuation of hormone pills - in this case should not be alarmed, this is completely normal!

Need to know what pill requires self-discipline (pass receiving regular tablets should be avoided!). Therefore, if you confuse the same disadvantages associated with taking regular tablets, then it may be advisable subcutaneous latest drug Norplant, containing dry hormones, which will be valid for five years. They have several advantages over conventional intrauterine devices, as spirals, and combines the properties of hormonal methods, but the hormonal effects on the body when it is limited to the uterus.

But the spiral, with all the attractiveness of this method - still a foreign body in the uterus, so try to put it to those women who have given birth to all the desired and planned children. Less of this method is that the spiral, while in the uterus, violates the protective barrier provided by nature, and increases the risk of infectious diseases. Therefore, before you put a spiral, a woman must go through a fairly thorough examination and subsequently observed a gynecologist at least once a year.

Finally let us say once again that today the choice of hormonal means so broad that it allows you to choose an appropriate contraceptive birth control for almost any woman with regard to its age, marital status, comorbidity, even these more serious, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity.

However, among the hormones is difficult to identify best and worst funds. What suits one woman may be contraindicated in the other. So before you start using one or another drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will help select the most appropriate tool, and if there are any deviations - to replace the drug: the contraceptive method correctly matched should not appreciably affect the condition and state of health women.

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