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How to beat seasonal allergies

The seasonal allergy is a sensitivity of an organism to various allergens and substances which leads to an allergic disease and emergence to various symptoms. Allergens which cause this illness, can be: the dust, wool and feathers of animals, poplar down, pollen of trees (a hazel grove, an oak, a linden, a birch, an alder), pollen of herbs or weeds (an ambrosia, an orach, a dandelion, a wormwood), a fungoid mold and food, also an allergy can be caused by bad heredity.

The seasonal allergy is a very widespread disease which many people suffer. Such disease appears in the spring in flowering of trees and herbs, and also during the autumn period when all plants dry more often. During a disease a seasonal allergy, the person has such symptoms: strong cold, cough and a sneezing, burning of integuments, the person starts to swell, an itch and reddening of eyes.

It is not necessary to self-medicate to avoid illness deterioration. To avoid to emergence of a seasonal allergy, it is necessary will address to the professional allergologist, to you will make special analyses which can define on which allergens more often your organism reacts. The allergist will write out to you necessary preparations which will help you, will cope with this illness.

During a seasonal allergy that your health became much better, it is necessary to adhere to some councils. At the beginning of a spring season during flowering of plants, it is necessary to limit to walk on the street. If you go in the car, it is not necessary to open windows, it is best of all to turn on the conditioner.

In the house to open windows and window leaves only at night or after will pass a rain as concentration of a dust during this period considerably decreases. The fan which in a room kicks up dust in air, is best of all to replace with the conditioner. Moisten air in your house more often, it is possible to get a special humidifier. As it is possible carry out in the house damp cleaning more often.

After you came from the street take a shower to wash away from yourself all street dust. Don't leave clothes in which you went for work, on your bed. After washing of a thing it is best of all to dry indoors.

Don't use those products which can cause in you an allergy. Change the food for fresh and useful products what to increase your immunity which will struggle with a disease.

Get the special diary in which you will write down your way of life, products which you ate and to what possible allergens contacted. You can provide these records to the allergologist that it could reveal all allergens which influence your illness, and also considerably to facilitate it.

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