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How to maintain the health of the liver

The liver is a sentry on health protection of all our organism. But, as well as each sentry, needs support and care. If a liver any more in perfect tune especially leaving and feed by all necessary is required to it. First of all, vitamins.

Physicians assert that the liver in this case can't simply do without some such vitamins as E and C, and also lipoic acid. Vitamin C will help to resist to an organism at poisonings and by that will serve as the original reservation for a liver. Most of all vitamin C contains in a black currant, wild strawberry and a dogrose. And also – in all citrus.

At vitamin E another, but not less important function: to keep liver cages in integrity and safeties. It doesn't allow to them to collapse and doesn't allow to "kick up" to hormones. In passing is responsible for health immune systems. To receive vitamin E in the necessary quantities, eat nuts more often, use in salads vegetable oils. Add in the menu sea-buckthorn berries and a blackberry.

And here lipoic acid normalizes balance of fats and carbohydrates of an organism and serves as an original dope for a liver, urging on it for performance of the daily duties. Lipoic acid contains in many products but if problems with a liver already become obvious it is necessary to remember and that acid contains and in the preparations which are let out by pharmacists. But in each such case it is necessary to consult with the doctor as some such medicines can cause complications at other diseases.

However, vitamins, but also it is not necessary to forget vitamins about microcells. It also reliable assistants to a liver in its round-the-clock work. Strangely enough, it very much needs zinc and selenium. To resist to immemorial defect of mankind – love to binge, and also to cope with toxicity of generic medicines which to us at times willy-nilly should be used. To fill up zinc stocks, eat fish, meat and eggs more often. And here it is necessary to address for selenium to such food as nutlets and seafood. Garlic and a broccoli – from the same opera.

And, at last, last councils. About advantage of eutrophy for liver health. The first: don't overeat. Yogas knowingly confirm: the one who has overeaten, that has poisoned. The second: so harmfully for a liver and starvation. With deficiency of food the liver loses necessary quantity and vitamins, and microcells. As a result of its cage weaken, and can even be lost. The third, specially for fans of chocolate. Limit this love as the chocolate structure includes palm-oil. And it for a liver – very serious blow, capable to lead to a knock-down. And council last: don't eat densely for the night. The liver, as well as all our organism, too wants to have a rest. At this time metabolism process is slowed down, and the liver becomes especially vulnerable.

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