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How to quit smoking

Each of us knows about negative influence of smoking on a human body. Problems with cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, sexual systems, mentality violations it is far not the complete list of those "pleasures" which we receive as a result of this addiction.

To force the person it is impossible to give up smoking any requests, belief, a ban – only he should want it. Fortunately, recently the number of the people reflecting on the health and decided to give up smoking, grows. This article – for them.

Whether so it is simple to give up smoking?

The majority of smokers don't recognize own dependence on a cigaret and it is proud declare: «I have a will power – if wants, I will give up smoking in a moment!» But there are months, years, and the smoker everything won't give up this habit. In what the reason? How to quit smoking?

First, in dependence of an organism on smoking which appears from the very first smoked cigaret and increases with each new dose of nicotine. To an organism without nicotine badly, he demands it more and more. Nicotinic dependence is similar with narcotic, a difference only that nicotine destroys a human body more slowly, and these destructions remain for the time being unnoticed neither the smoker, nor people surrounding it.

Secondly, in lack of that will power – after all the person suffering from addictions, already is weak-willed. All around seductively smoke, and the weak-willed person reflecting on fight against smoking, comes under to another's influence. «All smoke – and anything, are live after all!» - such is standard "excuse" of the weak-willed smoker living with caution on others, instead of with care about own health.

Psychological training

How to force itself not to think of a cigaret and to be prepared psychologically for refusal of smoking?

Appoint day in which you will start to give up smoking. Thus remember that in this case today it is always better, than tomorrow. Postponing on "then" (in a month, in a year – or perhaps in the following life?), you don't facilitate to yourselves a task.

Having started to wean from smoking, don't shout about it at every turn («I don't smoke three days!» or «Oh, don't smoke at my presence – I throw!») By and large, it personally your business which absolutely not isn't exciting people around (unless closest people) and not obliging them to sympathy or compassion, support or a praise. Besides, there is a lot of and such cases when to smoking people came back even in some years after refusal of an addiction – therefore it is not necessary to arrange from the fight against nicotine of an important event not to get under squall of sneers in case of failure. How to give up smoking?

By the way, about duration of your life without smoking – never plan that will give up smoking forever (one only the thought on it can already plunge into a depression), for a year or for a month. Simply every morning, having woken up, speak to itself: «I won't smoke today» - and believe, it quite will suffice.

Be adjusted on what to give up smoking – hardly. The desire will smoke is persistent to pursue you – and the more you smoked before throwing, the this desire will be stronger. Calm down thought that gradually it will begin to die away.

Don't avoid subjects or the circumstances directly connected with smoking. If you throw out cigarets, the tenth road will bypass a tobacco booth and stop to communicate with smoking friends – the temptation of smoking becomes stronger, if you after all face it (and it happens surely sooner or later!)

Don't look for replacement to nicotine in other addictions – for example, to alcohol or big doses of coffee. You after all give up smoking not to become the alcoholic? Find for itself a new hobby better, be engaged in fascinating business – generally, do everything to distract from thoughts on a cigaret.

Remember the critical periods in fight against smoking: these are the first two days, month, 3 and 6 months, year.

Still nicotine!

Decided to give up smoking the person doesn't need to do it sharply – anything acceptable doesn't leave such invention, the organism will rebel and will arrange some days of a terrible depression from which almost always only one exit – again to start to smoke.

How to quit smoking? It is necessary to begin with replaceable therapy – applications by a nicotine organism by any way, except standard (cigaret smoking). Thus, at first there is a fight directly with a habit – a habit to bring a cigaret to a mouth, to be tightened, inhale a smoke, in principle to associate a cigaret with pleasure. In drugstores to you will offer different types «deputies cigarets»: chewing gums with nicotine, nicotinic plasters, sugar candies, aerosols, inhalers – choose that way which will be the most convenient for you. It becomes a certain transitional stage between smoking of a cigaret and complete refusal of the nicotine use.

If you the smoker with an experience, make a fresh start from reduction of quantity of the smoked cigarets – every day smoke on one cigaret less, – and subsequently also pass to a method of replaceable therapy.

Don't deceive itself, passing to "easy" cigarets. Still nobody gave up smoking in the similar way. On the contrary, it can result in even bigger dependence on smoking

Medical assistance

If you have a possibility to address to psychotherapist – don't refuse to itself it. Almost for certain process of refusal of smoking will cause not so pleasant feelings: irritation, breakdown, alarm. The doctor will help to pick up the necessary energizers for simplification of your condition. At all don't appoint similar means to itself.

Smoking is not a craze, not lifestyle and not flight from problems. It simply an addiction of which it is necessary to get rid. Good luck to you in it!

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