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Imperceptible inflammation

In a rule appendages bodies, that is uterine pipes and ovaries, are sterile and don't cover microorganisms. But at certain agreements ubiquitous microbes get there and lift ignition.

The present can be and the original simple bacteria, occupying a vagina which for ever to try to expand territory of original dwelling. In ordinary riches the organism resist this expansion, but at easing protective can not transfer touches, especially if in a cunt the microflora collective doesn't answer a rule and rather peaceful bacteria prevail not.

Other – and is stronger possible – the activators transferred by a sexual way can be an ignition occasion. More often whole the present chlamydia and gonococcus. If the present bacteria in the infection account get to ladies' sexual courses it boring atmosphere of a vagina doesn't come nearer and they the whole violence to try to appear in pipes where conditions are stronger the suitable. Besides there stays cylindrical epithelium in which can live it. These pathogenic bacteria are lightarmed by a sufficient stock of ways, that resist immune to an order. If in layers are found out chlamydia, gonococcus, mycoplasmas, trichomonads treatment is necessary.

Why ignition of appendages quite often leads to barreness?

Certainly, in result on stay of microorganisms in uterine pipes and on egg the answer evolves inflammatory protective. If by fair treatment soon to be released from the activator and to extinguish it the whole will manage besides consequences. Long ignition leads to progress of a strong connecting fabric which replaces the lost cages. In achievement and besides strongly small gleam of a pipe having whole 1-2 mm in diameter, can air grow with a connecting fabric and the pipe becomes continuous, because the meeting sperm and egg becomes inconceivable.

Besides flowing, during an ignition season surprise also cages epithelium uterine pipes, the it is more that many organisms, for example chlamydia and mycoplasmas, take root into them. Because amazed epithelium can't inform egg from ovaries to bodies.

During a season of long ignition of a capsule ovaries to be made growth of a connecting fabric. The capsule ovaries thickens, becomes more thick. Also can so to occur that it becomes extremely strong and won't be broken off in fast follicle ovulations. Ripened egg can't leave a follicle and remains "in an imprisonment". In the given incident pregnancy also will be unattainable.

Besides a pipe and ovaries the next peritoneum to them – undercover surprises an abdominal cavity cover. To limit separation infections in a peritoneum, the connecting fabric expands and to be settled solderings which stick together peritoneum leaves between, limiting ignition, but time leading immobility the concealed councils. In that quantity mobility of uterine pipes which is necessary for high-grade carrying over egg to body decreases.

Similar style, the barreness bases after transferred ignition ovaries – big surplus. Absolute obstacles are erected practically on the whole degrees of conception of the sonny. Such model of barreness the heavy gives in to treatment.

Especially hellishly employment of uterine pipes and ovaries if development has long, constant a stream is broken. And in it practically never results sharp ignition if it not to treat. Because at occurrence of traces of ignition of appendages is impracticable to intend that the whole will pass by itself.

Except barreness, ignition of appendages is fraught with difficult complications, for example, a purulent abscess which threatens with a peritonitis.

At non-observance of creation of a uterine pipe there can be a fertilisation egg, but will throw a seed in body a pipe not in means. Extra-uterine pregnancy at safe confluence of factors I will terminate surgical removal of a pipe, and at unsuccessful – its crack and the intrabelly expiration.

Because don't postpone visiting to the doctor if notice:

  1. Sharp or silly aching sufferings in the bottom of a belly, amplifying at cooling, before or in duration of a menstruation
  2. Regrets in a paunch in sexual actions, fall sexual passions
  3. Non-observance of menstrual mission

To pity, it is strong quickened ignition of appendages a leak except original signals or so it is slightly shown that doesn't disturb the aunt. Because it's to important to warn an indisposition.

For given it is necessary in the beginning whole to be protected from the infections transferred by a sexual way, that is responsibly to concern a theme of election of a sexual companion and to use a condom at tiny to a guess.

Remember that considerably increase possibility of an ascending infection medical abortions. Because competent contraception also is presented to prevent ignition of appendages bodies.

Non-observance of means of microflora of a cunt promotes an indisposition which is permitted to suspect on plentiful selections, to disgusting spirit. Even if you excites nothing, regularly to make a trace on flora in polyclinic.

To avoid overcooling, especially in areas of sexual councils.

Exclusively gynecologist can define treatment of ignition of appendages. Remember: treatment in armies to prevent transition of sharp model of an illness in the long.

Ignition of appendages can be not only at the aunts, existing sexual ability to live. Often salpingoophoritis happen and at babes. And observant mother shouldn't remain carefree if the daughter to whine on a grief in a paunch and in time a menstruation.

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