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Intestinal colic in adults

The factors causing intestinal gripes in adults, there is a set. But most often an unbalanced food, hit on a table of low-quality food or intestines infection by pathogenic microbes becomes the reason of an indisposition. Therapy in that case has to facilitate a condition of the patient and relieve it of a factor causing pain.

Gripes can develop against gastritis or pancreas diseases as the food is insufficiently qualitatively processed in the top parts of digestive system and gets to small intestines in the semi-digested condition. Also colic can develop when eating ice food, also food which already is exposed to fermentation.

Intestines infection with pathogenic microbes is carried out at penetration into intestines of the activators causing diseases (salmonellas, the causative agent of dysentery), also at hit in a digestive tract of conditional and pathogenic microorganisms (they can provoke an illness or not make it depending on a condition of an organism), and also at hit in an organism of poisons which allocate some microbes occupying spoiled food.

To understand, what pathogenic agent caused indispositions, it is necessary to visit consultation of the gastroenterologist and to make some tests (bacterial crops a calla and immunological reactions of blood).

If the person poisoned with salts of heavy metals, at him intestinal colic can quite develop. The most dangerous in this relation is lead. At its hit lead colic develops in an organism in large numbers.

One more factor causing gripes, the nervous overstrain is. However, gripes can quite cause this not too frequent phenomenon in the thin people inclined to pensiveness responsible examination or conference.

The reason of gripes can sometimes be parasites who occupy intestines and constantly influence the nervous terminations of its walls. Species of intestinal parasites a set and to find a disease, it is necessary to make the test a calla. Except gripes at bott vomiting, disgust for food, reduction of weight of a body, burning and an anus itch can be observed.

There are sharp respiratory virus infections (SRVI) which influence not only a condition of ENT organs, but also a gastrointestinal path. Viruses get to the lymph nodes being in an abdominal cavity and cause their inflammation. These knots are in a bryzheyka of small intestines, they influence the nervous terminations and pains – gripes develop. The syndrome of this look most often puts into itself and violation operations of respiratory organs, a throat inflammation, as well as violation of work of intestines. In certain cases the first there are intestinal frustration and later two – three days are found also signs of defeat of respiratory organs. Therefore in certain cases the respiratory virus is diagnosed incorrectly.

Therapy of gripes consists of a set of various manipulations which are directed on various links of development of this violation. The main measures help to get rid of a factor causing colic. In this regard it is rather difficult to develop universal methods of the help at gripes. First of all it is necessary to eliminate pain. Thus it is necessary to watch a condition of the patient as for the subsequent therapy has basic value what health after colic will be carefully: whether the diarrhea or a lock, a meteorizm will be observed. If the reason of gripes – an intestines infection, often treatment it is necessary to continue in a hospital. The same concerns also sharp intestinal impassability. For simplification of a condition of the patient use preparations from group antispasmodics, created specially for a relaxation of spasms of intestines. Preparations use oralno in all cases if there is no vomiting.

If the reason of colic is frivolous (for example, errors in a food), it will pass after an excrement liquid kalovy masses. Throughout six – twelve hours after colic it isn't necessary to touch food, it is possible to drink only a little warmed up weak tea without sugar with couple of dry slices of bread.

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