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Intestinal colic is a signal of danger

Intestinal gripes are the sharp pains provoked by certain processes in intestines. The processes happening in an organism and causing colic, are rather difficult. Sometimes colic is caused by stretching of a loop of intestines, sometimes a certain impact on the nervous terminations of intestines. However major importance in development of colic has change of motive function of intestines.

So, at a jam in intestines, sharp pains are caused by that slightly above than a jam place in intestines the vermicular movement becomes more active. If gripes are observed against enterocolitis or colitis, their reason is reduction of a wall of the intestines deformed by an inflammation.

Quite often it is possible to take symptoms for intestinal colic enough dangerous sharp illnesses of an internal which it is necessary to operate urgently. In this regard any person has to understand a little the processes which are taking place in his digestive bodies in time to visit consultation of the gastroenterologist and not to start an illness.

The name "intestinal colic" speaks only about the main sign of this indisposition – sharp pains which are observed at the majority of illnesses of intestines. Attacks of intestinal gripes can be observed after heavy nervnopsikhichesky overloads, quarrels. If to probe a stomach of the patient during an attack, spasms of thick intestines, probing it are observed delivers sharp pain. But the body temperature of the patient isn't changed and the muscles are weakened. Duration of an attack can vary of few minutes till twenty four o'clock. After the colic termination the patient still some time suffers from a lock at which excrements are firm and form small pellets, as at goats.

At diagnosis installation the doctor should distinguish colic from gastritis, intestinal impassability, lead colic.

But at gastritis vomiting, lack of appetite, sometimes a diarrhea is by all means observed, language of the patient is pruinose, during probing of a stomach it is possible to find out that it hurts in subspoon part.

At lead colic pain is localized round a navel, the stomach is blown strongly up, on gums it is possible to find a gray raid in the form of a strip, the person also gets a grayish shade.

Intestinal impassability develops at failures in a vermicular movement or if the gleam of intestines is blocked. Thus in bigger quantity of cases the paralytic form of intestinal impassability which is characteristic after wounds or operations develops. Besides, intestinal impassability appears against renal, hepatic colic, and also during a heart attack. The patient feels sharp pain, a jam of kalovy masses and gases in an organism, it can tear. Pain develops sharply, it paroxysmal.

One more reason of intestinal gripes and intestinal impassability is thrombosis of bryzheechny vessels. At thrombosis pain is painful, paroxysmal. If urgently not to render to the patient of the qualified help, there can come a condition of collapse: at it pressure falls, integuments are pale, heart fights poorly, but is frequent.

In any case, when the doctor isn't confident finally in the diagnosis of the patient at colic, immediate hospitalization in surgery is required. To the patient pour in in the form of a subcutaneous injection a Dimedrol, a papaverine and atropine, and novocaine joins a vein. Further treatment is carried out in a hospital or in house conditions in the presence of the diagnosis.

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