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Medicinal misconceptions

Associated with the drug are many misconceptions regarding their use. What is truth and what is pure invention?

Misconception 1. Can simultaneously take multiple medications.

Medications may be incompatible with each other. The most common pharmacological incompatibility. Sometimes it is useful. For example, atropine is indispensable in a poison mushroom poisoning. But, basically, the incompatibility of drugs interferes. Very often there are incompatible with antibiotics. They should not be without the need to combine with antipyretics, hypnotics, antihistamines.

Misconception 2. Drugs are equally valid for all people.

It is known that the same medications online in a somewhat different effect on children, the elderly, pregnant women. Moreover, the therapeutic effect of such drugs as erythromycin, verapamil, diazepam, are lower in women than in men, and anaprilina and tazepama - vice versa.

Misconception 3. Before you swallow the pill, it must be chewed.

Conventional tablets really must first crush. But chew tablets, coated with special membranes, it is impossible. They simply cease to operate. There is the danger of unwanted side reactions. For example, when grinding coated tablets may increase their irritating to the stomach. This applies to such drugs as voltaren, indomethacin, diazolin, reopirin, ibuprofen, bonafton.

Misconception 4. Wash down medicines better with plain water.

All drugs really need to drink. But not everything. For erythromycin better suited alkaline mineral water or milk, for indomethacin, and reserpine - milk, for caffeine, theobromine and theophylline - sour juice. Calcium and erythromycin can not drink acidic juices, and tetracycline - milk. A lot of trouble gives aspirin. It is better to wash down any alkaline mineral water.

Misconception 5. Medications should be taken after meals.

Most favorably in all respects to take medication on an empty stomach. But some of them to swallow food, not because so profitable, but because no other way. For example, erythromycin and penicillin are destroyed in the acidic gastric environment. Calcium, taken after a meal, can form acid-insoluble residue of food. Neomycin, polymyxin B and nystatin form such as precipitation in the bile. Drugs and lily of the valley strophanthus very sensitive to food juices - made from food, they are with her and digested. There are drugs that should be taken immediately during the meal. They help the stomach digest food. These include himself gastric juice and its products - pepsin, festal, digestal, enzistal. With meals need to take drugs to be digested. These are preparations of senna, buckthorn bark, rhubarb root and fruit zhostera. During the meal has to take quinidine, certain diuretics, aminophylline, enteroseptol, chloramphenicol. There are so-called antacids - vikalin, vikair, magnesium oxide, over which should be timed to the moment when the stomach empties, and hydrochloric acid continues to stand out, that is an hour or two after eating.

Misconception 6. Drugs from manufacturers better.

Many drugs have the same therapeutic basis, but are marketed under different names. They are called drug-synonymous. Antipyretic paracetamol is sold as Panadol, Tylenol, efferalgan. Allergy medication tavegil is nothing like Clemastine, and known high blood pressure clonidine produced under the names gemiton, katapresan and hlorfazolin. Medication-synonyms differ from each other, or only the name, or irrelevant to the therapeutic effect of additives.

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