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Neonatal birth injury

The patrimonial trauma of the newborn represents pathological change, as a rule, concerning brain functions. The patrimonial trauma of newborns occurs on the statistican from 10 % of children.

The reasons of a patrimonial trauma of the newborn

One of principal causes shortage of oxygen at a fruit in the course of pre-natal development is considered, during passage on patrimonial ways or at once after a birth. For this reason the difficult stagnant processes upsetting blood circulation of a brain begin. In the course of passage of the child on patrimonial ways there is a cranium compression, as can become the reason of a patrimonial trauma. Such injury can take place at a considerable divergence of the size of a head of the newborn and diameter of patrimonial ways. On occasion the patrimonial trauma is marked at prompt sorts, anhydrous or in case of excessively long patrimonial process.

Signs of a patrimonial trauma of the newborn

In classification of signs allocate some periods:

  • Sharp, making from 7 till 10 days;
  • Early rehabilitation, about four months;
  • Late rehabilitation, about one year;
  • The period of the residual consequences, more than two years.

The basic symptoms are hyperexcitability or oppression.

Hyperexcitability is shown that the child behaves uneasily, often cries, the tremor of extremities and a spasm is marked.

Oppression, on the contrary, is shown in drowsiness and a weak tone of muscles, deterioration of reflexes and appetite frustration. Such children belch food is more often.

Therapy of a patrimonial trauma of the newborn

Treatment of the given pathology should be complex and long. Children, suffering patrimonial traumas, should it is desirable to receive chest milk though the first appendix to a breast of such kids, as a rule, is carried out not right after a birth. In the beginning kids bring up by means of a spoon the decanted milk after that give a small bottle. In five days probably appendix of the child to a breast. For elimination of symptoms of a patrimonial trauma procedures of physiotherapy and LFK are shown. At special weight of a case medicamentous treatment can proceed throughout several years.

Complications of patrimonial traumas of the newborn

The forecast of the given pathology concerns complexity of damage and to timeliness of treatment. At in time established pathology and competent therapy an outcome always the favorable. As a rule, full elimination of symptoms occurs at 75 % of kids. Sometimes newborn baby to be marked the residual consequences expressed in tearfulness and irritability, frustration. At illiterate therapy the outcome can be very heavy, up to development Cerebral Palsy and mental retardation.

Preventive maintenance of a patrimonial trauma of the newborn

As a principal cause of development of a patrimonial trauma of the newborn and its consequence is shortage of oxygen all efforts should be directed on the prevention of the given pathological phenomenon. It is necessary for pregnant woman to conduct an active and healthy way of life, to refuse bad habits as all it negatively affects the child.

Infectious defeat of an organism of mother, therefore competent preparation of the woman for pregnancy can become the reason of development of oxygen starvation of a fruit gets special importance. Before conception it is necessary to pass the general medical examination and in due time to cure all diseases.

During gestation the child it is necessary to watch carefully the condition and to consult to the doctor concerning arising indispositions. Each pregnant woman should be registered in consultation in a residence and in time pass planned researches of ultrasonic which will help to distinguish any deviations of development in time.

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