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Not always be guided by the latest developments in this area. Old, over the years proven pain relievers more often far more reliable. Before such a product goes on sale, it goes through rigorous clinical trials. And its unwanted side effects sometimes revealed only after the widespread use of completely different people. It happens that after several years on the market medications are removed from production for this very reason.

Not should we fall on the "bait" advertising, promising a "strong and immediate results without side effects". As a rule, they actually no less than other drugs. It is also important that the body quickly becomes accustomed to a particular drug and no longer react to it. To relieve the pain, some time will require even more powerful tool. And then it will not bring relief. In the end - a dead end from which it is difficult to escape.

As paracetamol and aspirin alone are able to reduce pain. Aspirin is even considered one of the best means for migraine. But sometimes it's better still prefer integrated medicine. The combination of multiple drugs increases their positive influence. At the same time the dose of each component in this case decreases, which reduces the manifestation of side effects.

Before you buy a drug that should be thoroughly acquainted with its annotation. The action of analgesics are often directed only at specific problem. Thus, there are a number of rheumatoid drugs that penetrate directly into the joints and reduce joint pain only. Many of the best helps in this phenylbutazone. But it's quite a profound effect on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it can only take short courses. Piroxicam - a new generation of analgesics. He is not worse than relieves acute diseases of the joints and rarely leads to complications.

Tools for migraine should not be used for headaches of other origin. They probably will not help. Some of them are very toxic. Currently there nasal spray for migraine, which are injected into the nose. It is very convenient and less traumatic to the body. But their action is also largely restricted to the disease. Moreover, under increased pressure to use them is impossible.

The most innocuous for the gastrointestinal tract are considered forms of instant pain relief. They range in pharmacies online are constantly being updated. In this form the drug is absorbed quickly. Therefore, the mucous membranes in less time exposed to undesirable effects. And with a relatively rare use of the drug does not cause them violations. But if it is used too often and for long periods, it leads to the same serious consequences as analgesics in pill form. Until the appearance of ulcers of the stomach and intestines.

Suffering from gastrointestinal tract generally have to be cautious about all drugs in this group. If they still do not lead to complications, it is nothing said. When uncontrolled admission of such drugs, they can occur suddenly.

From the drug, which causes even minor allergic reactions, is also better in time to give. And if after taking the same aspirin, there are signs of suffocation, then you should try to avoid any non-narcotic analgesics. Each of them could trigger a sudden attack of asthma.

Furthermore, we know their negative impact on blood clotting. In countries where the same aspirin taken literally on every occasion, doctors increasingly have to contend with heavy bleeding, which connected with his popularity among the population. Therefore, to cure a single disease has not resulted in yet others, the choice of these drugs to provide better medical attention.

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