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Pills for slimness

Most women secretly dream of a "superpills", taking that you can effortlessly lose weight. But alas, such drugs not currently exist. Most of the pills for weight loss "work" only in conjunction with diet and exercise.


Their main task is to replace one or more meals, reducing overall caloric intake. These funds are for weight loss is usually released in the form of cocktails. They contain a certain amount of swelling of cellulose and substances that reduce appetite. But the main thing in them - a suspension of amino acids, proteins and vitamins, simulating a full meal.

Usually they eat instead of breakfast or dinner in the evening eat a full dinner, not to exceed the rate of calorie content. Cocktails should not take longer than the manufacturer recommends. For them, there are practically no contraindications. However, some women in the meal replacement is allergic.

Pros: Cocktails are rarely harmful to health, because they have a minimum of chemicals. Well suited for handling day as a full alternative to apple cider, kefir and other mono-diet. When used correctly, are effective enough.

Cons: This diet is difficult to sustain. If you begin taking a cocktail with ordinary food, you can get better. Nutritional stale quickly, and the expected effect of satiety can feel not all. Half-starved condition reduces efficiency. In some women, cocktails can cause difficulties with the chair, which take place after the return to a normal diet.

Suppress appetite

The main purpose of these medicines are sold only by prescription - to blunt the feeling of hunger and help sustain a low-calorie diet. Usually, they act on the nervous system and can cause emotional arousal. After a short tidal forces begins to decline, possibly physical and nervous exhaustion. Appointed in exceptional cases, most often in obese.

Pros: No worries hunger.

Cons: Get rid of stored fat without exercise and reducing caloric intake is impossible. A large number of side effects. Some drugs in this group is a negative impact tablets on the cardiovascular system. Perhaps the development of psychological dependence, nervous irritability, insomnia, euphoria, sweating, dizziness.

Create the illusion of fullness

These biologically active food supplements taken before a meal. Ballast substances included in their composition, swell in the stomach and create the illusion of saturation. As a result, a person eats less than normal food. However, directly on the process of losing weight ballast substances have no effect. Many dietary supplements for weight loss in this group are made on the basis of marine algae - such as kelp, fucus. They contain special dietary fiber, with the ability excrete excess fat.

Pros: Virtually harmless. Normalize the chair for those who suffer from Constipation. Clean intestines, removal of residues. Affordable price.

Cons: Low efficiency. Conditions of hunger and satiety not only determines the subjective sensations of the stomach. To a greater degree of sensitivity in the famine caused by blood glucose and glycogen in the liver. Accordingly, the stomach may seem complete, the hunger is still not going away. May cause relaxation of the chair. Fiber reduces the absorption of vitamins and minerals. To prevent vitamin A deficiency required Constant taking a multivitamin.


Most often, they are not applied independently, but are complex dietary supplements for weight loss, such as teas. Their action is based on the fact that salty, sweet fatty foods includes the body's fluid retention. With the help of diuretic drugs, this liquid is removed, and creates the illusion of weight loss.

Pros: Fast weight loss. Low Price.

Cons: Weight gain in this sluchae happening as fast as a loss. The amount of fat in the body remains the same. Standing reception diuretics increases the risk of health problems. Loss of potassium and water leads to muscle weakness, sagging skin, heart rhythm disturbances.


Often weight loss teas and capsules include laxatives components. This medication is often cloaked under the name "dietary supplement", "stimulates peristalsis" and "normalize digestion". However, laxatives can be used only as a temporary measure that helps to cleanse the bowel.

Pros: Relatively fast weight loss. Clean intestines, removal of residues. Low price tablets.

Cons: Many side effects. By developing a laxative habit: to obtain the effect must Constantly increase the dosage. Regular artificial bowel movement leading to damage to natural mechanisms. Restore lost function is not easy: after the reception of such dietary supplements are often Constipated. Possible loss of potassium and other mineral salts. Insufficiently assimilated vitamins.

Blockers intake of fat

Preparations of this group interfere with absorption of fat through the Consumption of food. This can be achieved in two ways. In the first case, blocked the action of an enzyme that breaks fat. As a result, fats are derived from the intestine intact. According to this principle operates a popular drug Xenical is dropped from pharmacies on prescription. The second method - use to remove excess fat dietary supplements containing chitosan. This substance is extracted from shells of crustaceans. Chitosan absorbs fat molecules and eliminates them in undigested form.

Pros: Tools of this type fairly harmless. They allow you to indulge in fatty foods and still lose weight gradually. Can be used for a relatively long time. Additionally, lower cholesterol. Chitosan products regulate the bowels.

Cons: If a person does not eat fatty foods, the result of taking blockers, fat intake is close to zero. Reduce the effectiveness of drugs and if you eat lots of sweets. May cause irritation to the intestine, increased flatulence, diarrhea and greasy "stools.

Fat burners

Some of the most common today dietary supplements for weight loss. According to the manufacturers of these drugs are struggling with deposits of fat available in the body. Most often, such dietary supplements are based on bromeline - an enzyme extracted from pineapple. This group includes supplements based on the South American guarana and Garcinia cambogia.

Meanwhile, only bromelain helps digestion. Reach the subcutaneous fat, this enzyme, alas, not able to. Effect of bromeline very low. Most scientists believe that people lose weight is not so much on bromeline as on auto-suggestion. On the market today are offered as "fat burners" that are based on extracts of the fruit Garcinia cambogia. It is believed that the fruits of Garcinia slightly suppress your appetite and stimulate the Consumption of fat reserves.

Another popular plant - the South American guarana. Guarana is a source of caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system, helps the process of decomposition of fat. This component is contraindicated in hypertensive patients with arrhythmias and angina. Most nutritionists believe that the effect of "fat burners" visible only in strict compliance with the diet and regular exercise.

Pros: Bromelain improves digestion. Garcinia significantly reduces appetite and stimulates metabolism. Guarana stimulates energy expenditure and the breakdown of fats.

Cons: Relatively low efficiency. Guarana can cause side effects: heart palpitations, headaches, nervousness. Prolonged excessive use of caffeine-containing supplements can cause insomnia and addiction.

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