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Pregnancy and sexual infections

Infections during pregnancy have huge value for health of mother and its child. Well-known, what even the most healthy human body is far from microbiological sterility - billions the most different bacteria, cocci, fungi and the other representatives of a microcosm who are considered rather harmless, live in intestines, bronchopulmonary, urinogenital and other systems of the person.

The immune system of the adult person rigidly supervises activity both those, and others. In general, the healthy person usually doesn't think of that, how there are relations of its organism with microbes. If, of course, this healthy person - not the woman expecting the child.

During pregnancy the problem even absolutely asymptomatic infection of a female organism microbes takes on special significance. Not to mention the infectious diseases transferred by the woman on different terms of pregnancy. The situation is really uneasy - on the one hand, the pre-natal infection of a fruit (quite real if the woman is the carrier of pathogenic microbes) indeed can lead to an unsuccessful outcome of pregnancy. On the other hand, risk of such outcome no means always so a bycicle as many future mums after laconic conversation with the doctor in female consultation are inclined to imagine it.

In norm the fruit is almost sterile - immune system of mother and a placenta with covers more or less reliably protect it from a premature meeting with microbes. When these barriers appear insolvent, there comes actually pre-natal (congenital) infection. This term designate infection with any microorganisms of the fruit which is in a uterus or moving ahead on patrimonial ways, - in the latter case a placenta and fetal covers, certainly, any more don't protect the child from an infection.

The transmission of infection to a fruit can be carried out by two basic ways - hematogenous and ascending.

  • At hematogenous an infection the activator is brought by parent blood in a placenta, and therefrom through an umbilical cord gets to a fruit organism.
  • At an ascending infection the activator rises from sexual ways of mother to a uterus cavity, infects fetal covers, then breeds in amniotic waters and with them gets into a gastroenteric path or respiratory ways of a fruit. Probably and direct contact infection.

Consequences for a fruit depend on many conditions - pregnancy term, for example. No less than from a condition of the parent immunity, called to resist to microbic expansion. Well and from properties of microbes, certainly.

The massive infection of a germ on early terms (from 5-6th day till 12th week) frequently leads to its pre-natal destruction and the subsequent spontaneous abortion. It occurs because of the heavy developmental anomalies of a fruit caused by microbes or rough insufficiency of work chorion (an external germinal cover), placentae, etc. And in this case the species of microorganism of a special role doesn't play (with rare exception).

At easier infection on such early terms some microbes can cause developmental anomalies of bodies compatible to life and fruit fabrics, after a birth poorly giving in to treatment. Once again we will underline - in this case speech can go only about some microbes. Such, as German measles virus, in particular.

The future mums should know: for the overwhelming majority of microbes ability to cause ugliness at a fruit in cases of an easy infection scientifically a fact in evidence isn't. And consequently any conversations on high risk of occurrence of uglinesses at a fruit here are absolutely unjustified.

The infection any microbes, an event on later terms (in the second and third trimesters), as a rule, doesn't happen any more the reason of rough developmental anomalies at a fruit as its bodies and systems basically are generated. But infectious process can cause microbic defeat of bodies and fabrics of the kid, and also a placenta inflammation (placenta) and placenta covers (chorioamnionitis). In such cases premature birth, and also a birth of sick and weakened children are probable. Character of the problems revealed at in utero of infected kids, rather strongly depends on properties of microbes, infiltrators in a fruit organism. More low we will consider the activators of some most widespread infectious diseases of the person causing pre-natal infections.

It would be desirable to remind: all medical products and medical procedures are appointed by the attending physician. Self-treatment, as it is known, - angrily. Self-treatment during pregnancy - double harm. It can entail very much serious consequences both for the child, and for mother!

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