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Prevention of diabetes or how to cure the diabetes

Most often a patient, after learning that he was sick with diabetes, scared nervous. Of course, because nobody wants to be sick, but the worst thing is that life will have to follow the various "prohibitions", even though you are feeling "absolutely fine". But you need to understand that the beginning of diabetes mellitus – this is not the end of life.

Most importantly, diabetes prevention, or rather, its further development and the prevention of complications.

Diabetes can affect the whole life and seriously undermine its quality, and the duration.

Here's why not to try to deal with diabetes – pure suicide. If you have a genetic predisposition to diabetes is passed from your parents, you shouldn't solely blame genetics.

Remember that diabetes at an early stage can be prevented and completely cured. For this, there are basic principles of prevention of diabetes.

Top tips for prevention of diabetes

  • Proper diet: limit sweets, fruit juices. Sugars, are quickly digested, for you – a taboo.
  • Replace white flour for whole wheat. The carbohydrates it takes longer to assimilate, and hence the sugar level will rise very slowly.
  • The most important thing – limit foods high in carbohydrates: bread, pasta, cereals. Eat more vegetables, protein foods, healthy fats and unsweetened fruit. For example, bananas, raisins and apricots is undesirable (gradually, of course, is not prohibited). If You are overweight try to lose weight to an acceptable level. From cereals suitable buckwheat and oatmeal (by the way, they are useful even for healthy people, although I, frankly, can't stand porridge in General, and especially buckwheat and oatmeal).
  • Use of sweeteners, unfortunately, is not always helpful, as they themselves increase appetite. But the herbal sweeteners stevia type will fit perfectly! Various sweets can be replaced with marshmallows, fruit candy, marmalade in reasonable quantities (it is advisable to read the labels and buy those sweets on the basis of agar-agar).
  • Beans, blueberries and sauerkraut contribute to the fight against the increased level of glucose in the blood. Salads with spinach, onion, celery, garlic also eat health. Juices is advisable to drink vegetable and fresh.
  • Main point diabetes prevention – to do no harm. PORTNAME eat small but often. When fasting can dramatically decrease blood sugar and lose consciousness up to coma

Lifestyle — one of the important ways of prevention of diabetes

  • In addition to reducing the amount of carbohydrates, you also need to balance their absorption. In other words, we need to increase the insulin sensitivity. This can be achieved, dropping excess weight and exercising regularly. Physical activity brings huge benefits to patients in any stage of diabetes, especially the so-called "aerobic" exercises: running, walking briskly, even climbing stairs, aerobics, swimming, dancing, soccer, jumping rope.
  • These exercises contributes to the development of the respiratory system and enrich our body with oxygen, helping it to lose weight. Physical activity should be held regularly and not less than 30 minutes a day.
  • Must be properly to rest often to breathe fresh air, sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.
  • Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and narcotic drugs!

Is there a cure for diabetes?

It depends on what you mean by "cure". Proper prevention of diabetes often allows people to lead a full life, subject to the above restrictions.

Some patients think that if they can keep the sugar levels at the right level, without using drugs, so they no longer have diabetes.

Others will argue, and say that to control diabetes – not to cure.

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