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You buy the medicine that the doctor ordered, but the price seems too high. Good girl pharmacist offers you to replace with the words: "It's the same thing, only two times cheaper. Here, you can compare - you can see, the package is the name of the active ingredient? Here and there it is the same." It may happen differently when you have the name simply not available, but is it cheaper counterpart. Why are drugs with the same name of the active ingredient have a difference in price? For what we pay, buying expensive drugs known manufacturer?

Where did the prices of his legs grow

Way to create a new drug is thorny and difficult. Let's start with the fact that large pharmaceutical concerns invest hundreds of millions of dollars in research related to the creation of innovative medicines. And not always invented the formula reaches the final consumer-the patient, because at various stages of testing can identify the shortcomings of a new drug - for example, high toxicity or a serious specific side effect.

But let us imagine that all is well and have great prospects for the drug. Then the scheme looks like this:

  1. Invented the chemical formula (active ingredient) for which the manufacturer receives a patent.
  2. The new drug is pre-clinical testing (in animals), and then - clinical trials (on human volunteers).
  3. If the step number 2 is successful, the drug is registered as a drug and allowed for use in patients.
  4. At that the manufacturer has not stopped. Further there are a whole series of clinical studies, which continue to study a drug with different parties in order to prove its efficacy and safety, and may be found any more evidence or a regimen that will help alleviate the suffering of patients.

If you think that the manufacturer would always skim through proceeds from a new drug, you are very mistaken. Existed for such a thing as the term of patent protection is the period when a formula belongs to the firm-inventor. This period an average of 20 years. Thus, pharmaceutical manufacturers have in stock about 5 years to recoup the multimillion-dollar expenditure on research and then a formula of substance becomes "public domain". And it is possible to produce at its base to cheaper medicines - generics medicines, which is available to all comers. They will have to "invest" only in production, and all that - on a completely legitimate.

We will understand the terminology

The original product is an innovative, first synthesized and passed through a complete cycle of research drug. Process of creating it is very expensive, because starting with the synthesis of molecules that continues in the experimental animal studies and completed studies in healthy volunteers and patients suffering from disease, for treatment which developed the drug.

Pharmaceutical companies that can afford to invest heavily in innovation and technology of production is usually located at the highest level. Therefore, the medicine costs money. Generic is it is identical with respect to the existing original drug substance produced by the pharmaceutical company, which was not involved in the synthesis of a new formula, but simply took the weapons ready.

No longer need to spend money on testing and proving the right of existence of the active substance should only be able to conclude the active principle in a suitable dosage form, to take care of the purity of the substance and as excipients. Therefore, the generic is cheaper than its original predecessor. From the invention of the formula, until that day when the magic pill will fall into the hands of patients who were 10-15 years old, and sometimes more

Have a right to know!

Generic contains the same active drug substance as the original drug. The problem is that not always proved for certain that this particular generic good quality and not always objective information based on which doctor or pharmacist may make a decision on replacement of one drug by another without affecting the patient.

Not all traded in the pharmaceutical market generic and innovative drugs are appropriate can be regarded as interchangeable, as are too large may be differences in scientific and technological level of manufacturing companies. Specialize in the production of generics as a world-renowned pharmaceutical corporations, and small little factory, located in developing countries is fraught with inconsistency conditions for the production of modern international standards, the presence of impurities and other problems.

Generic differs from the original drug excipients are always included in the composition of tablets, capsules, ointments. Keep in mind: their therapeutic effectiveness depends on including the quality of the excipient. Even the shell of a capsule or tablet film coating effect on the pharmacological effect.

The technology of production is different from different manufacturers. For example, one firm produces a unique multi-layer tablet, and another, roughly speaking, can simply mix the active substance with the starch. It is interesting that the producers of original drugs are trying to refine the already registered drugs, conducting clinical trials in order to expand the spectrum of medical indications for their use, developing new dosage forms. Due to this consumer gets better tools.

Efficacy and safety of the original drug is confirmed large-scale studies can not be said about each of the generics. Therapeutic efficacy of tablet, capsule or cream depends on the quality of an excipient

Idea of the therapeutic equivalence of all publicly traded generic innovative products - is a myth. At the same time, the common opinion that there are no generics, which would correspond to the original drug - this is another myth. Can not be argued that the original drugs have mystical characteristics, which can not be reproduced.

Generics are widely used in the drug supply in all countries, including the very rich, such as the U.S., where they not only bought in droves for the army and public health programs, but there are a range of private pharmacies. If you can acquire for themselves and their families an innovative product is definitely worth opt for this option.

If for any reason the original drug is not available, buy generic well-known, well-established pharmaceutical company. Remember that your health is worth more than any medication.

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