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Psychological assistance and psychoanalysis of schizophrenia

Psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts to realize that the schizoid personality can be at any level: from the mentally incompetent to more than normal. As used in the schizoid defense rather primitive (eg, care in the fantasy), it is possible that healthy schizoid occur less frequently than patients, but there is no scientific research or a systematic clinical supervision, which would be empirically confirmed this assumption. People with this type of character because it offers similar philosophical explorations, spiritual disciplines, theoretical sciences, and creative activities in art. At the boundary of the schizoid spectrum, corresponding to a high level of functioning, we find such men as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Martha Graham, and other highly original and outstanding personalities.

Most practicing psychotherapists continued to consider the diagnoses of schizoid and other mental disorders, avoidant shizotipalnyh and personality disorders as non-psychotic version of the schizoid character, and a diagnosis of schizophrenia as a psychotic schizoid level of functioning.

Clinical experience with the therapist suggests that, in terms of temperament, personality, becoming schizoid, are hyperreactive and easy to overstimulation. Schizoid patients often describe themselves innately sensory, and their relatives often tell us that a child of their oppressed excess light, noise or movement. As though the nerves have schizoid are closer to the surface than the others.

Controlled observations of psychologists and temperament studies in children have confirmed reports of generations of parents that while most babies are pressed, sticks and clings to the body of someone who took care of them, some babies "ossify" or shy away as if an adult had invaded and violated their comfort and safety. One might expect that such children are constitutionally prone to schizoid personality structure, especially if there is a "bad fit" - between them and those who carry out home care of them.

In the field of drives, according to classical psychoanalysis, schizoid personality is struggling with problems of oral level. Namely: it is about the need to avoid the danger of being swallowed, sucked, chewed, tied, eaten.

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The proposed psychotherapist-psychoanalyst Feyrbernom understanding of schizoid state as hunger, love has become, "is addressed not so much to the daily experiences of schizoid personality, and by lying to their base and the dynamics manifesting opposing trends - be removed, to avoid, to seek satisfaction in fantasy, to reject the physical material world. Schizoid people are physically fine as so far they are from emotional contact with their own gluttony.

Similarly, in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, schizoid people do not seem highly aggressive personalities, despite the fact that some of their fantasies include violence. Members of their families and friends often think of these people incredibly soft, calm. This softness there is a charming contradiction with their love of horror movies, books about real crimes, and apocalyptic visions of the destruction of the world. In this case it is easy to assume the protection of the drives and the depression treatment and stress, but the conscious experience of these people and what impression they make on others, it's lovely, quiet minded, attractive eccentrics. Most psychologists, psychoanalysts, who had to work with people of similar type, came to the conclusion that schizoid patients are buried and their hunger, and his aggression under a thick heavy blanket of protection.

Schizoid people more than others are "outsiders", observers and researchers of human existence. "Splitting" as set out in the etymology of the word "schizoid" is manifested in two areas: between his own self and the outside world, between experiencing their own ego and desire. When the therapist observes the experience of the splitting of schizoid people, he has in mind a sense of alienation from some part of himself or life in general.

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