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Whatever pain - throbbing, or pulling a dagger - it grabs our minds and unsettle. Many of us are accustomed to deal with other ailments without drugs, change to this principle when faced with the pain.

Therefore analgin, aspirin or other painkillers can be found in every home medicine cabinet. Always be correct, we take these pills and what preparation is preferable, if you have a toothache, head or ear?

The pain - it's just a landmark to help find the true cause of illness. That pain is most often compels us to seek medical attention. Pain syndrome may be acute or chronic. Treatment of the latter - a science, and this is only possible with the participation of highly skilled professionals. Usually we deal with acute pain that occurs suddenly and lasts long.

Drugs that selectively inhibit pain sensations are called analgesics. They are able to temporarily remove not only pain but also fever, muscle tension. Moreover, analgesics do not affect the cause of the ailment, but merely facilitates the human condition, if the pain is unbearable or break his rhythm of life.

Can an organism on its own to cope with the pain?

It all depends on the duration, intensity of pain and its origin. Of course, to endure the consequences of a small iron burn more easily than a serious burn injury.

As the pain? Notice of pain impulses that originate in the organs and tissues, is transmitted along nerve fibers to the brain. The appearance of discomfort - this is a signal to the body: a sore point needs careful treatment. Muscles in the source of pain relax, change your metabolism and circulation. The body starts to produce its own painkillers, and directs them to the damaged area. However, if pain is severe or prolonged, we may not have the internal resources of painkillers. Then came the turn of analgesics.

Is it true that the analgesic effects on the brain? Are they in such a case to be safe?

Indeed, there are analgesics, which are "cut off" the pain through the brain. This synthetic and semisynthetic drugs similar to natural painkillers, which allocates the body. They are called opiate drugs and are considered as addictive. This is prescription generic drugs online, which are appointed in extreme cases. For example, to prevent the painful shock after trauma, chronic pain or in cases of ineffectiveness of other drugs. Narcotic analgesics are all drugs containing morphine, codeine, fentanyl and other similar substances.

Familiar-counter analgesics such as paracetamol or analgin - non-narcotic, they act mainly on the peripheral nervous system, ie, inhibit pain at the site of its deployment. They do not cause addiction and are considered relatively safe.

As to whether analgesics with not much pain he can tolerate?

Of course, if the pain is tolerable, we must abandon the drugs. For example, in some cases, the headache goes away after sleep, walk or shift work. If the pain breaks your plans, annoying and does not concentrate, you can take a pill or analgin tsitramona. Such actions are completely justified, if not become a habit. Remember that the abuse of painkillers tablets can lead to tragic consequences. American scientists, for example, have shown that people often take analgesics for headaches, seeking return results: drugs provoke new attacks.

When repetitive pain of unknown origin should seek medical attention. In any case not mute their analgesic that does not solve the problem, but only postpone the moment of detection of the disease.

Is there a generic painkiller that can rapidly and effectively remove any sharp pain?

All OTC analgesics should temporarily ease the condition, if you have something hurts - whether it's head, muscle or tooth. When the pain of medium intensity, which is not accompanied by inflammation (no fever, and fever) will suit acetaminophen or phenacetin.

If you have a fever, muscle and joint pain, it is necessary to take aspirin or ibuprofen analgin. These drugs have anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect. The most reliable of them - aspirin, because it was invented over a hundred years, so he understood better than others. However, it must be remembered that for some gastro-intestinal diseases (eg gastric ulcer), it is contraindicated. For such cases, there are enteric-soluble forms of aspirin.

Pain in muscles or in the throat require different approaches in treatment. How to choose the right product from the variety of analgesics?

Naturally, before making a pain reliever, try to understand that you have a headache, and why.

When a toothache analgesic only to more or less comfortable to get to the dentist. It is not necessary to put the pill directly to the tooth: the pain does not ease, but it can cause inflammation of the gums.

With a sharp single to help the pain antispasmodics - probably in your medicine cabinet there is no-spa. Such drugs are suitable for any pains of spasmodic character (the head, the stomach, ureter).

If the pain is bothering you too, does not sleep, cause anxiety, well take a combination of analgesics with tranquilizers, such as renazepam and aspirin.

Tension headache may be removed by any conventional analgesic. Well help with the preparations of caffeine in migraine - migrenol.

When severe pain in neurological origin (in the spine, ribs, sternum) is better to take analgin or aspirin or paracetamol. However, you can do and warming ointments like Menovazin.

And, perhaps most unwise - to take analgesics for abdominal discomfort. Since the nature of pain is very difficult to establish the cause of disease, analgesics may be in vain. After all, with a lot of trouble with the stomach (gastritis, bacteria overgrowth, gastric ulcer) pain relievers do not help.

Remember that painkillers do not cure the cause of the disease causing the pain, and their reception - an emergency measure.

How to take pain pills to get the maximum effect and minimum damage?

Taking painkillers, remember the main rule - try to do the minimum effective dose of the drug. Not to "bust" of medicine, try to take half a tablet. And only if your condition does not improve, we must take the remainder. This is especially true for children, the elderly, people with low body weight.

Experts recommend taking painkillers is not more than one or two times a week. If you can not live without aspirin or analgin - is alarming, and you should immediately consult a doctor.

If analgesics you designate a physician, you need to tell him not only all of your diseases, but also about the drugs you are taking or have taken before.

By the way, the American experts do not recommend taking drugs on the market less than 5 years (of course, if it is not "revolutionary" drug, which has no analogues).

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