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Disease symptoms

Sarcoidosis respiratory organs begins asymptomatic is more often and it is found out casually at radiological research of lungs. In process of illness development there is a dry cough, sometimes a chest pain, then the complaint to a short wind in the beginning at raised, then at usual physical activity becomes the leader.

Rigid breath and dry rattles can come to light. Radiological research allows to find out increase in intrachest lymph nodes (mainly bilateral), focal shades in lungs, diffuse infiltration a pulmonary fabric, pleural reaction.

At a long progressing current of process it is formed fibrosis lungs, the vital capacity of lungs decreases, respiratory insufficiency (the short wind arises even in rest, appears diffuse cyanosis, amplifying during physical activity) accrues; it is quite often possible to reveal a symptom of drum-type fingers. The short wind at sarcoidosis lungs carries inspiratory character (the complicated breath limited in volume, a free fast exhalation), speech of patients is faltering because of necessity often to fill the exhaled volume of air.

During sarcoidosis aggravation and remission phases are usually traced. In an illness aggravation the general weakness accrues, there are pains in muscles and joints; increases ESR, are observed leucopenia, hypolymphemia, monocytosis. As display hypercalcemia the nausea, locks are possible thirst, urorrhagia. The most serious complications sarcoidosis are respiratory insufficiency and pulmonary heart at sarcoidosis respiratory organs; a glaucoma, a cataract, proof decrease in sight at sarcoidosis an eye.


At the majority of patients sarcoidosis disappears without treatment. However treatment sarcoidosis should pass under constant control of the doctor as only the doctor can estimate gravity of defeat of an internal and appoint correct, high-grade and timely treatment.

The most serious complications at sarcoidosis are development of respiratory insufficiency and blindness in which can result an inflammation of eyes. These complications can be prevented by means of appointment corticosteroid hormones.

In the course of treatment the thorax X-ray will be regularly spent.

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