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Specific and non specific urethritis

Urethritis is one of the most widespread diseases at men. This infectious disease which reason are various viruses, bacteria or the mushrooms causing an inflammation of the urethral channel. More rare, but too it happens that allergic reaction of an organism or a consequence of influence of toxic substances becomes the reason urethritis.

Urethritis happens two types: specific and nonspecific. At specific urethritis sexually transmitted infections become a source of a disease: hlamidiya, gonococcus, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, gardnerella. More often the infection comes to light in a combination to other viruses and bacteria.

At nonspecific urethritis the opportunistic microflora: a fungus, an intestinal stick, staphylococcus, a streptococcus becomes a source of a disease. Symptoms of STD and the treatment scheme at both forms of a disease are similar. If the disease is caused by a sexually transmitted infection, treatment is carried out for both partners.

The specific form urethritis is generally shown after infection during sexual intercourse. However such situation when symptoms of STD aren't shown immediately is possible also, and the person becomes the carrier. At a nonspecific form of a disease infection occurs during unprotected sexual contact to the partner which has a violation of microflora of a vagina, or time of anal sex. The infection which has got to an urethra at strong immunity will be suppressed, but it is necessary to immune system to weaken, as symptoms of STD will have an effect.

Overcooling, injury of a penis, chronic inflammatory diseases and, certainly, chaotic sexual communications will promote development urethritis. To list completely all factors promoting development of a disease difficult and fall ill with it any can.

The main symptoms of STD – pain, burning and griping at an urination. As appear unusual allocation from an urethra. Treatment urethritis at men is necessary for carrying out treatment in due time, differently the disease passes to a chronic form. Disease symptoms thus that are shown, vanish. By the itself disease doesn't pass, as the diseased after the termination of the period of an aggravation can wrongly solve.

Each aggravation urethritis threatens with further development of a disease and various complications. Thus the inflammation already mentions a bladder, a prostate gland and bodies of a scrotum. The long course of a disease leads to narrowing of an urethra which is treated by surgical intervention in case of the started condition.

Treatment urethritis at men is carried out in two directions: elimination of an infection causative agent of a disease and restoration of the urethral channel. Antibacterial therapy is applied to fight against an infection. Antibacterial preparations and their dosage steal up individually depending on neglect of a disease and set of infections. If application of antibiotics not possibly because of their intolerance, treatment is carried out by preparation introduction to an urethra that destroys an infection directly. Treatment urethritis at men can be carried out in a complex: with antibiotics and preparation introduction. This method allows not only to eliminate an infection, but also promotes fast restoration of an urethra with a total disappearance of unpleasant symptoms. Treatment urethritis at men is carried out quite successfully and the earlier the patient will address to the doctor, the there will be more successfully a treatment process.

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