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In December 2014 it was published the first review of antimicrobial resistance. According to the document, infections that do not respond to treatment with antibiotics, will cause the death of up to 10 million people annually. Experts said that by 2050 spending on bacteria resistant to antibiotics, will reach $ 100 trillion.

Two months after the review American doctors reported that patients at a hospital in Los Angeles can be infected deadly "superbugs." It was about 179 patients of the medical center of Ronald Reagan, who took endoscopy. Employees of the University of California explained that, according to their data, standard sterilization unit for the survey is not to destroy all harmful bacteria.

In March 2015 the second Hospital of Los Angeles reported an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant infections. Conventional endoscopy also caused infection in four patients of the medical center Cedars-Sinai.

The staff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States presented its statistics, saying that each year up to two million Americans infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and at least 23,000 patients die because of infection.

Experts believe that one of the main causes of increased antimicrobial resistance is unjustified use of antibiotics to patients. In some cases, such as surgery or severe bacterial infections, antibiotics should be applied on a mandatory basis. However, physicians routinely prescribe these drugs in cases where this is not required. Medix Company conducted a survey among British doctors, specifying how often they prescribe patients to unnecessary drugs or medical procedures. It turned out that only one in five doctors strictly comply with the rules prescribing, and other healthcare providers are regularly prescribed to the patient unnecessary medicines.

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