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Symptoms of diabetes type II

About 90-95 % of diabetes patients this is diabetes mellitus of the second type, and the number is growing. The total number of diabetes patients has increased incredibly in recent years. The reason is that people have become much better during this time.

Diabetes is mainly associated with excess weight, and our country is far not on last place in the weight categories of the population. But even more dangerous is that the first signs of diabetes invisible!

Diabetes type II diabetes and insulin.

Why obesity is associated with diabetes? In a previous article on diabetes I wrote that the cause of the disease is dysfunction of the insulin receptors, which are proteins responsible for transporting glucose. When they work correctly, does two bad things:

  • Level of insulin in the blood increases.
  • Level of glucose also increases, but only after eating food with lots of carbohydrates.

And then, and another leads to serious consequences, typical for diabetes mellitus of the second type.

What is the link between diabetes and obesity?

Obesity makes a person insulin-resistant (insulin-resistant), so if you have a hereditary predisposition to diabetes, obesity can become a guarantee of the development of the disease.

Scientists distribute of overweight people into two types on body fat distribution: "apples" and "pears".

What is the difference? And that's what. It is much better to have an accumulation of excess fat on the hips and buttocks than in the belly. The lack of excess fat around the waist reduces the chance of diabetes of the second type. "Hungry" scientists come up with strange names!

Metabolic syndrome and diabetes of the second type.

Problem of resistance to insulin occurs much earlier than the diabetes in the metabolic syndrome. It was also called "syndrome X". The name "metabolic syndrome" was invented precisely because scientists didn't want to lead people astray "cool" name. Metabolic syndrome is a primary stage of diabetes, and it can be defined for 3 signs of diabetes:

  • "Bad" cholesterol more than 150
  • "Good" cholesterol less than 40
  • High blood pressure
  • Level of blood glucose above normal
  • Obesity in the waist (over 40 inches for men and 36 for women)

Patients with metabolic syndrome often develop diabetes. More importantly, such people have an increased risk of heart disease and blood vessels

Metabolic syndrome has no symptoms, except for the above, so it is possible not to notice for years.

When the blood sugar gets too high, the syndrome develops into diabetes.

How to treat diabetes of the second type?

When prompted signs of diabetes, first and foremost, get rid of excess weight. But even without weight loss, reduced consumption of carbohydrates will decrease blood sugar levels.

In identifying such patients in the first place they should go to a nutritionist.

If this does not help, prescribed tablet medication to reduce blood glucose level. In an extreme case, is assigned to insulin, although the majority of patients with diabetes of the second type it is not needed.

How to reduce the risk of diabetes?

In the first place to avoid unnecessary weight, it should also ask their relatives whether in the family of similar diseases?

You also need to be tested for cholesterol every 5 years.

If you have a predisposition to diabetes, then, of course, tests need to do more often. Remember that signs of diabetes of the second type long time not seen, so you need to carefully monitor their health.

What to do if you have diabetes of the second type?

  • Control blood sugar levels, purchase a device for measuring glucose level. It is difficult to hit the target with your eyes closed. The key to victory on the disease — the knowledge of its sugar levels, especially before Breakfast.
  • Beware of complications – you and your doctor should make sure that did not show symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the feet (this may be a sign of nerve damage).
  • Glycated hemoglobin A1c-a blood test that shows how much glucose builds up in your blood cells for 3 months. It is important to conduct such a study two or three times a year, to successfully control the disease.
  • Keep control your blood pressure and cholesterol – do not forget about the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Take a small daily dose of aspirin – this is a simple insurance for people with high risk of cardiovascular disease (always consult with your doctor if you have any contraindications).
  • Be educated — it's a great defense against any disease. You need to know about the initial signs diabetes type II more than your own physician.
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