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The effect of alcohol on human

With increasing concentration of alcohol in your blood increases and the severity of potential health effects. For example, let's make a small tour up the alcohol "ladder". Stipulate that the description of the degree of intoxication depending on the concentration of alcohol in blood is applicable to male, weighing 80-90 kg.

  • 0.02%, which is equivalent to 2-mind shot (about 80 ml of vodka). You relax and begin to lose judgment. Paradoxically, but this is the minimum dose of alcohol can even improve human health, but only under one condition: if he'll stop now. However, many are capable of it?
  • 0.05% or 3 shots (120 ml of vodka). Inhibition of the activity of the lower section of the right frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex, reduces the deterrent attitudinal barriers.
  • 0.07% or 4 shots (160 ml of vodka). Your brain loses its ability to critical thinking.
  • 0.08% or 5 shots (200 ml of vodka). Your memory is starting to shut down — you barely remember what happened half an hour ago.
  • 0.09% give the same 5 shots, only later. Your the amygdala (a kind of early warning system about the danger) begins to slowly fail.
  • 0.10% or 6 shots (240 ml of vodka). You begin to experience difficulties maintaining balance, swaying from side to side. You become more aggressive, making threat viewing sports in a big company.
  • 0.11%, 6 shots. Starts to affect the water retention in your frontal lobe, the middle leg of the cerebellum and thalamus: you become extremely insecure and have difficulties with the regulation of motor functions.
  • 0.15% or 7 shots (280 ml of vodka). Stomach, unable to withstand such abuse themselves, and may rebel. His desire to cleanse the body of toxins is expressed first with nausea and then vomiting.
  • 0.20% or 10 shots (400 ml of vodka). Developing hypothermia, which is especially dangerous for residents of countries with a cold climate. The body quickly loses heat because alcohol causes dilation of the blood vessels. Your memory becomes selective (fragmentary) or completely disabled. In this state nothing is completely lose consciousness. And there was an attack of vomiting and possible death.
  • 0.25% or 12 shots (480 ml of vodka). Your conception of morality is driven deep into the subconscious and you are ready to make a dirty offer to any woman standing near you. It is possible that the confusion: because the reflexes are depressed to such an extent that you involuntarily pee your pants.
  • 0.30% or 16 shots (640 ml of vodka). There is a high probability that you are not aware of exactly where you are. You fall into a stupor, you have problems with muscle coordination, vision (objects blur and dvoyatsya). Can begin muscle spasms. You can pass out and never Wake up.
  • 0.35% or 18 shots (720 ml of vodka). Your condition can be compared with the condition of the patient on the operating table under surgical anesthesia. By the way, you too will soon be in the hospital.
  • 0.40% or 20 shots (800 ml of vodka). Can cause respiratory failure. The gag reflex is suppressed, so that you can choke on vomit. Blood pressure dangerously low. Probable coma or death.
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