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The main enemies of potency

The potency in men affects so many substances. Research in this area is devoted to a huge number of publications. We are also in response to this question briefly describe the negative effects of those substances, which almost everyone has heard, and many of us have even contacted. It is about common medicines and so-called psychotropic substances - ie, Substances that affect the psyche. First of all, it's alcohol, nicotine and drugs.

Alcohol. In small doses stimulates the central nervous system. The main reason for violation of the quality of erections on a background of alcohol consumption is abnormal liver function and as a consequence - the metabolism of male hormones that affect normal sexual function. Among other things, in a state of intoxication blunted tactile sensitivity, and as a result of problems with ejaculation until its complete absence.

Nicotine is the main deleterious substance which is contained in inhaled tobacco smoke us. The main pathological effects of nicotine - persistent spasm (ie, narrowing) of small-caliber vessels, including those that supply blood to the penis. In addition, as established, nicotine causes atherosclerosis - a dangerous disease which leads to increased brittleness and blockage of blood vessels. Most often suffer from atherosclerosis vessels of the heart and brain, resulting in a person may have a myocardial infarction or stroke, which in themselves make a normal sexual life impossible. But quite often there is restriction or complete blockage of blood vessels of the penis, and in this case the patient develops persistent impotence.

Narcotic drugs today is a major health problem for industrialized countries. Did not pass it a party, unfortunately, and Russia. The problem lies in the fact that the number of drugs used is very high and talk about the impact of each of them is possible, therefore tell you about the impact of some of them. Feature of the effects of drugs on the potency that is directly on the mechanisms of erection, they do not act. Their effects develops with regular admission to the background of the development of complications of drug abuse.

Common mechanism in the occurrence of impotence while taking drugs is the development of depression, which occurs when a break in the admission of narcotic drugs at the time when a person has already formed drug addiction. Most doctors are faced with not injecting drug use (ie, drugs that enter the body not as a result of injection and by inhalation, the reception through the mouth, or smoking). In this group of products is dominated by marijuana (hashish), cocaine, amphetamines, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide).

This medication causes a toxic polyneuropathy - a dangerous disease of the nervous system, which, like dying nerve fibers of the human body. This, in addition to other dangerous disorders, leading to erectile dysfunction due to violations of the innervation of the penis. For injecting drug users (heroin, morphine, etc.) are also characterized by the development of toxic polyneuropathy, but besides her there is a risk of specific complications associated with the huge risk of infection, which expose themselves addicts. The most common infection, which each injection drug user at risk "catch" it's not AIDS, as many people think (although this is certainly the most dangerous infection) and viral hepatitis. As a result of hepatitis develop very severe liver problems, which lead to impotence.

Drugs. Of course, the development of erectile dysfunction is a very rare side effect of medication, and usually erectile dysfunction taking place after the abolition of such drugs, but, nevertheless, know about the drugs that may cause such a complication should. Most often, erectile dysfunction occur after administration of neuroleptics - drugs used in the practice of psychiatry. Chronic administration of these drugs can cause changes in the motor centers of the brain and lead to the development of Parkinson's disease - conditions like Parkinson's disease, which leads to erectile dysfunction.

These substances act on nerve endings and as a consequence can cause erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, today these drugs are hardly used. And yet another category of drugs - drugs for the treatment of gastric ulcers in the group blockers of histamine H2-receptor.

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