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The second pregnancy

It seems to be an ordeal was the first pregnancy, the baby does not grow on an annual basis, and not even on weekdays, and literally by the hour, but you already took a look at the carriages and over again so want a little ... and if the firstborn of older, he may even beg brother or sister ... The second pregnancy is no less interesting epoch in the life than the first. However, there are some points that need to be considered when planning a second child.

First of all, second pregnancy should not interfere with education and care for their first child. Caring for a baby takes a lot of effort, and because second pregnancy can occur not as good as the first. If you are breastfeeding, then in the later stages of this would have to give: the kid may not like milk, and in general, feeding can cause premature birth. For the same reason it is not necessary to raise the child in his arms. On the other hand, your baby now grow older and become independent, learn to do many things without the help of her mother. Yes, another second pregnancy is very economical: because of the provost of the child certainly left a dowry. As for timing, the second pregnancy should be planned not earlier than eighteen months after the first. And if the birth took place by caesarean section, even later: a scar on the uterus has to heal. If the second pregnancy occurred in 10-15 years after the first, the mother may well be equated to nulliparous. In any case, you will be able to get pregnant again just when fully restored menstrual cycle.

Secondly, the second pregnancy, or rather the preparations for it should begin with a thorough examination of the cervix, most of the uterus and ovaries. In addition, we must exclude the possibility of any infection as well as hormonal disorders, and, treatment should be carried out in full. In general, the second pregnancy - it is an original work on the bugs first. You can change your doctor, together make an individual plan to attend courses for pregnant women. If your doctor is aware of a previous pregnancy, it can anticipate problems, prevent them and in cooperation with the future mom "reprogram" her second pregnancy to succeed. In general. second pregnancy, as a rule, proceeds more calmly, as many are familiar with and able to prevent many troubles, in addition, psychologically second pregnancy pass more quickly: Mom goes to work. simultaneously brings up the first kid, cares a lot, and many of the pregnancy is already known.

Third, just like the first, second pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, but those weeks of pregnancy are not similar to the first 40 weeks of pregnancy. Typically, delivery is faster than the previous ones and painless. But on the other hand, the second pregnancy is different.

It is evident early, as after the first highly stretched uterus, the stomach is located below, and another in the past begin to feel the stirring of a child. On the other hand, the second pregnancy has pitfalls such as false contractions, and frequent urination, pressure on the lumbar and back, so that no bandage is necessary. And indeed, many have to control:

  • Do not lift weights and try not to bend your back backwards.
  • If you have a long standing, standing up slightly bend the knees, thereby reducing pressure on your back and waist.
  • In the supine position on the side bend one or both knees or place a small pillow between your legs.
  • In a seated position, place your feet on a small stool or other elevation.

And let the second pregnancy will be smooth and look like a holiday!

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