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Tools to enhance potency

Means for strengthening of a potentiality can be both medicinal, and vegetative. Vegetative means for strengthening of a potentiality are every possible plants, berries, fruit, seeds and so forth.

Natural means for potentiality strengthening

  • for preparation of means it is necessary to take on two hundred grams of the dried apricots, the dried-up fig, prunes and light raisin. To add twenty kernels of walnuts, everything to crush and carefully to mix. To scroll through a meat grinder to a condition of homogeneous weight. To accept on two tablespoons in day, washing down with curdled milk or kefir.
  • in day to use in food on thirty crude sunflower seeds of a pumpkin in forty minutes prior to food. The course of reception makes three weeks.
  • every day to use in food in stages a glass of the cleared walnuts, washing down with goat milk.
  • effect strengthening a potentiality the sprouted grain of wheat possesses. Wheat should be washed up carefully flowing water, to spread out on a cut of a damp cotton fabric, with one more damp rag to cover grains. From time to time it is necessary to humidify the top rag. Approximately in two days of grain start to sprout. The sprouted grains in length one millimeter are considered as the most useful. It is best of all to accept in food such grains with fresh fruit. It is also possible to crush them in a mill and to add to porridges, soups and salads.

Natural means for potentiality strengthening – juice

  • to pour in in capacity half of glass of fresh juice nettle leaves, after thirty minutes to add half of glass of juice of greens of parsley, in thirty minutes to pour in half of glass of juice of greens of a celery. To accept on half of glass once a day throughout three weeks. The given elixir is considered, by the way, an effective remedy from man's barreness.
  • to mix in equal parts fresh juice of carrots, cucumbers and a beet. Such mix to accept a time to half of glass three times a day thirty minutes prior to food acceptance. The course lasts within a month.
  • to mix in equal parts fresh juice of greens of spinach, a water pepperwort and sheet salad. The mix is accepted under the similar scheme, as the previous means for potentiality strengthening.

Vegetative means for potentiality strengthening – grassy prescription men's force.

The recipe of improvement of a potentiality resulted more low and treatment of infringements prostate glands is ancient and checked up. For preparation it is necessary to take three table spoons of a field horsetail and two table spoons hazel, to fill in with half of liter of water. To make, as tea is made, to insist within an hour, to filter. To accept on twenty drinks three times a day 2 days on end. After that to make in half of liter of boiled water two table spoons knotweed and two table spoons hazel. To accept under the same scheme. Then knotweed to replace with three table spoons of parsley. To accept as. In such sequence for achievement of necessary result it is necessary to accept the given vegetative means for potentiality improvement.

Means for potentiality strengthening – a special diet

On a grater it is necessary to rub crude carrots, to add natural liquid honey, freshly squeezed juice of one lemon and any cut fruit, for example, apple. Proportions any, that is everyone can pick up structure of this means specifically under the taste. For three days it is necessary to use in food only these mashed potatoes three times a day. For the fourth day it is necessary to include potatoes, apples and bread in a food allowance, but to continue three times to accept in day a mix. For the fifth day it is possible to pass to a usual food. In one and a half-two month such diet should be repeated for result fixing.

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