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Treatment of amebic lung abscess

The reasons

The lung abscess can be complication of a heart attack of a lung, disintegration of a cancer tumor in a lung. Began to meet is more often hematogenous dissemination, connected with endocarditis the three-folding valve caused golden staphylococcus, especially at injecting addicts.


Signs of purulent fever, hectic temperature, a short wind, a local pain aspiration, paroxysms of barking cough with increase in quantity of a phlegm at change of position of a body.

Bronchial breath, mixed rattles. The three-layer phlegm is typical: yellowish slime, a watery layer. In blood-leycocitosis with formula shift to the left, an anemia, hypoalbuminemia and dysproteinemia. The spontaneous internal drainage of an abscess as a result of its break in a nearby bronchial tube to a cavity is possible, a sign of that is sudden allocation of a considerable quantity fetid (a full mouth) phlegms. Frequent complication is punching in a free pleural cavity with formation empyema pleurae.


Treatment operative. Before operation it is necessary anociassociation antibiotics and metronidazole. Under the general anesthesia make abscess opening, it is better to use extraperitoneal access.

Cavity wash out antiseptics and drain double-barreled drainages for active aspiration contents with washing in the postoperative period. In a wound it is better to refrain from introduction of tampons. In postoperative period disintoxication therapy, antibiotics (aminoglycosides) in a combination to metronidazole.

Age related changes in respiratory